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Adam playlist for 04/28/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Razorblade Smile Fastest Wide-Eyed Implement Special S/R No
Portishead All Mine Cowboys Polygram Records Inc. No
The Breeders Cannonball Cro-Aloha 4AD No
The Lucksmiths S/T Pincushion Drive-In Records No
Lotion S/T Head KokoPop No
Curve S/T Recovery FatLip Recordings No
The Melody Unit S/T Snoqualmie BMI No
The Maybellines S/T Our Midnight S/R No
The Lemonheads S/T Shakey Ground Atlantic No
LCD Soundsystem S/T Daft Punk Is Playing At My House EMI Records No
The Get Up Kids S/T Burned Bridges Second-Nature Recordings No
A Weather S/T The Feather Test Team Love Records No
Mum S/T Nice & Shiny Morning Fat Cat Records No
Sunny Day Real Estate S/T In Circles Sub Pop No
Silver Scooter S/T Tribute to the Phone Calls S/R No
Laika Breather Looking for the Jackalope Too Pure Records No
The Bardots S/T Carrion Che Records No
The Getawaykid S/T That's the Release I Needed S/R No
The Virgin-Whore Complex Stay Away From My Mother Leave Gina Alone Emperor Norton Records No
Sorry About Dresden S/T What the Sea Left Behind Tritone Records No
Meridian 1520 S/T Hypercube S/R No
Motorhome S/T My Spaceman Zero Hour Records, Inc. No
The White Octave S/T A Chinese Character Tritone Records No
Landis S/T The Water's Electric S/R No
Monopoly Queen S/T Monopoly Queen Sub Pop No
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her S/T Red Talk S/R No
Bill Ding S/T Make It Pretty Hefty Records No
Billy Dare & the Pumps Space Vacation Space Vacation Big Hi-Fi Records No
Man or Astro-Man Inside the Atom Put Your Finger in Your Socket Bless this Mess Music No
Atlantica S/T Dreams of Everyday Fire Records No