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A.J. playlist for 03/08/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
The Small Cities With Fire Abraham Princess Yes
Sweet Jane Sugar For My Soul Bleed Reekus Yes
We Are the Ocean Go Now and Live Now and Then SideOneDummy Yes
Brian Wilson Brian Wilson Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long Reprise No
Texas Southside Everyday Now Phonogram No
The Wheel Workers Unite The Mop Zen Hill Yes
Thee American Revolution Buddha Electrostorm Shoeshine Blues Fire Yes
Yellow Ostrich Strange Land Marathon Runner Barsuk Yes
Tenants Tenants Look the Other Way Epic No
You Won't Skeptic Goodbye Three Car Garage s/r Yes
Weaver at the Loom Before Now, Was Then 11 1/2 s/r Yes
Moldy Peaches Moldy Peaches Who's Got the Crack Roughtrade No
You Say France and I Whistle Angry Men I'm On Your Side SPV Yes
Young Rebel Set Curse Our Love If I Was Ignition Yes