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Alana playlist for 08/29/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Mappe Of A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone Unfound Yes
Laucan FramesPerSecond Symptom Yes
Ruby Bones Ruby Bones Into The Night Yes
Toothless The Pace of the Passing The Sirens Yes
Briana Marela Call It Love Last Time Yes
Benjamin Gibbard Bandwagonesque Star Sign Yes
Cage the Elephant Unpeeled Shake Me Down Yes
Camo & Krooked Mosaik Ember Yes
Nite Reborn Full of Rage Yes
The Cribs 24/7 Rock Star Broken Arrow Yes
Jen Cloher Jen Cloher Strong Woman Yes
Naomi Punk Yellow Chains Yes
Pearl Earl Pearl Earl Cosmic Queen Yes
Creases Tremolow It's Alright Yes
Districts Popular Manipulations Rattling of the Heart Yes
Frankie Rose Cage Tropical Dyson Sphere Yes
girl Ray Earl Grey Stupid Things Yes
Moon Boots First Landing Never Get To You Yes
Moon King Hamtramck 16 Ordinary Lover Yes
Prism Tats 11:11 11:11 Yes
Ross Goldstein Inverted Jenny California Yes
Sleepy Sun Private Tales When The Morning Comes Yes
Soccer Mommy Collection Inside Out Yes
Trim Tabs Soothe Now Back In the Stream Yes
Cindy Wilson Mystic Mystic Yes
Dent May Across The Multiverse I'm Gonna Live Forever Until I'm Dead Yes