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Andrew W playlist for 01/29/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Brick + Mortar Dropped Brighter Than The Sun No
Marian Hill Got It Got It No
Fakear Vegetal Offshoots First Sights Yes
Enemies Valuables Itsallwaves Yes
Xander Signh Muffin Living It Up Yes
Kyle Andrews Escape Golden Sunset Yes
Gift Clinic Hope Clinic Hope Yes
SHAED Just Wanna See Running Through Fields Yes
Vallis Alps Fading Fading Yes
Arcade Fire I Give You Power I Give You Power Yes
Hidden Cameras Home On Native Land Day I Left Home Yes
MONA In The Middle Bones Yes
CrumbSnatchers Big House Declaration Yes
ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Start Again Yes
Shy Girls Salt Why I Love Yes
Albin Lee Meldau Lovers Let Me Go Yes
Fairchild Start Again Start Again Yes
CRX New Skin Ways To Fake It Yes
Johnny Foreigner Flooding Flooding Yes
WSTR Red Green Or InBetween The Last Ride Yes
Civilian You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Costs New Love Yes
Waterparks Double Dare Dizzy Yes
Animotion Raise Your Expectations Everything Yes
Indicator Indicator Edie Abel The Bad Dream Yes
Woodes The Thaw The Thaw Yes
Tigertown Papernote Papernote Yes
Saro In Loving Memory Looking Yes
King Henry Don't Stay Away Don't Stay Away Yes
xx I See You On Hold Yes
Ocean Park Standoff Good News Good News Yes
Ness Whatever's Unclear To You It's The Same For Me The Propogandist Yes