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Andrew W playlist for 04/09/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Barclay Crenshaw Barclay Crenshaw Hidden Harmonics Yes
Coucheron Loud Loud Yes
Coldcut Only Heaven Only Heaven Yes
Alt-J In Cold Blood In Cold Blood Yes
Chinah Hints All Your Words Yes
SEE Ties Potions Yes
CHVRCHES Every Open Eye Clearest Blue No
ANOHNI Paradise Paradise Yes
Jacques Greene Feel Infinite Feel Infinite Yes
Nathan Fake Providence Feelings 2 Yes
Verite Phase Me Out Phase Me Out Yes
Geotic Abysma Actually Smiling Yes
B. Miles B. Miles Running Yes
Maggie Rogers Now That The Light Is Fading On + Off Yes
Lydia Ainsworth Darling Of The Afterglow The Road Yes
Marian Hill Got It Got It No
CLAVVS World Underwater Girl Yes
Sneaks It's A Myth Look Like That Yes
Rocky And The Chapter You Are Not Mine Diet Coke Yes
Fickle Friends Hello Hello Hello Hello Yes
Mayve Motion 1924 Yes
Flor Guarded Guarded Yes
Cathedrals Don't Act Like A Stranger Don't Act Like A Stranger Yes
LANY Good Girls Good Girls Yes
Vallis Alps Fable East Yes
Harrison Brome Fill Your Brains Fill Your Brains Yes
CRi Someone Else Keep It Real Yes
The xx On Hold On Hold Yes
Dreamcatchr Do Dog Ghosts Exist Atheist Yes