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Andrew W playlist for 05/14/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Verite Phase Me Out Phase Me Out Yes
SHAED Just Wanna See Perfume Yes
Wilsen I Go Missing In My Sleep Garden Yes
Great Good Fine OK III Holding You Yes
Bishop Briggs Bishop Briggs The Fire Yes
Lydia Ainsworth Darling of the Afterglow The Road Yes
Coldcut Only Heaven Only Heaven Yes
Vallis Alps Fable East Yes
Maggie Rogers Now That The Light Is Fading On + Off Yes
Sixo The Odds Of Free Will Numb Yes
That One Eyed Kid Crash And Burn Burn Out Right Yes
Slugabed Inherit The Earth Time 2 Let Go Yes
Harrison Brome Fill Your Brains Fill Your Brains Yes
Coucheron Loud Loud Yes
Corbo Adrift I'm Good Yes
Yes Fragile Roundabout No
Younger Then Younger Then Ghost Yes
Said The Whale As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide More Than Ever Yes
Some Kind Of Animals Some Kind Of Animals Seasons Yes
Letters to Lions Clean Eating Following Yes
Cold War Kids LA Divine Restless Yes
Barclay Crenshaw Barclay Crenshaw Hidden Harmonics Yes
Blossoms Blossoms Charlemagne Yes
Unlikely Candidates Bed of Liars Ringer Yes
Generationals Turning The Screw Turning The Screw Yes
Lostboycrow Singles Where It All Goes Yes
SX Alphabet Comfort Yes
The xx On Hold On Hold Yes
Vallis Alps Habits Fading Yes