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Andrew W playlist for 08/29/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Vallis Alps Fading Fading No
Mt Wolf Aetherlight Heavenbound Yes
The xx On Hold On Hold No
Tender Modern Addiction Machine Yes
Summer Heart 101 101 Yes
Oliver Full Circle Full Circle Yes
Vallis Alps Fading East No
CHVRCHES Every Open Eye Clearest Blue No
Maya Jane Coles Take Flight Weak Yes
Emmit Fenn Eclipse What We Once Were Yes
Beck Dear Life Dear Life Yes
Passion Pit Tremendous Sea of Love I'm Perfect Yes
Jades Goudreault Jades Goudreault Bow Down Yes
Jessie Ware Midnight Midnight Yes
Fickle Friends Brooklyn Brooklyn No
Secret Weapons As The Sun Comes Crashing Konichiwild Yes
Great Good Fine Ok III Holding You No
KRRUM Evil Twin Moon Yes
Moon Boots First Landing Keep the Faith (ft Nic Hanson) Yes
Foster the People Sacred Hearts Club Sit Next to Me Yes
BORNS Faded Heart Faded Heart Yes
Tambo Rays Recharge Yes And No Yes
So Much Light Oh Yuck Be Afraid Yes
Fickle Friends Glue Sugar Yes
Camo and Krooked Mosaik Like I Do (ft James Hersey) Yes
RAC Ego I Still Wanna Know (ft Rivers Cuomo) Yes
Foster the People Sacred Hearts Club I Love My Friends Yes
Twinsmith Stay Cool Hug Me Yes
Oh Wonder Ultralife Heavy Yes
Grieves Running Wild Faded Yes
deM atlaS DWNER All We Got No