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Andrew W playlist for 09/17/2015

Artist Album Title Label New
Marian Hill "Got It" Got It No
Tame Impala Currents Eventually Yes
MS MR How Does It Feel How Does It Feel Yes
Hunter Hunted Ready for You Lucky Day Yes
Mansionair "Speak Easy" Speak Easy Yes
Paper Kites Twelvefour Woke Up From A Dream Yes
Brick + Mortar Dropped Brighter Than The Sun Yes
New Order "Restless" Restless Yes
Kite String Tangle Arcadia Arcadia No
CRUISR "Singles" Moving To Neptune Yes
Claude Violante Your Heart Is Weak No Mercy Yes
Axel Flovent Nightlife Forest Fires Yes
Fine Print About You About You Yes
Rah Rah Vessels In Space Yes
Pixx Fall In A Way To Say Goodbye Yes
Pure Bathing Culture "Pray for Rain" Pray for Rain Yes
Fake Tears Nightshifting The Party Ends Yes
Bird Figments of Our Imagiantion Hypnotise Yes
Beautiful Bodies Battles Capture and Release Yes
Matilde Davoli I'm Calling You From My Dreams I'm Calling You From My Dreams Yes
Landing How Strange To Be Back To The Stars Yes
Gossamer Automaton Print Yes
Skylar Spence Prom King Can't You See Yes
Little Racer Foreign Tongues Dreamers Yes
Oscar Beautiful Words Beautiful Words Yes
Tarmac Adam In Place Today's The Day Yes
Telekenesis Ad Infinitum In A Future World Yes
Baio The Names Endless Rhythm Yes