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Arianna L. playlist for 09/01/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Bodies of Water Spear In the City Here Among You Yes
War on Drugs A deeper Understanding Nothing to find Yes
Unlinekly Candidates Call My Name No
Grand Royale Breaking News R'N'R buisness Yes
Domestics Little Darkness Tunnels and Trains Yes
Born Cages Exit Signs in a burning building Half Asleep No
Jake Bugg What Doesn't Kill You No
PRVIS All we know of heaven all we need of hell What's Wrong Yes
CHRVCHES Never Ending Circles No
Secret Weapons As The Setting Sun Comes Crashing Konichiwild Yes
Beck Dear Life - Single Dear Life Yes
Queens of the stone age Villians The evil has landed Yes
Patrick Ames Like Family Push the door open Yes
Cheshires Love This Feelin No
Sherlocks Live for the moment Live for the moment Yes
Neck Deep The Peace and the Panic Where Do We Go When We Go Yes
Dread Zeppelin Un-led-Ed Black Dog No
Yawpers Boy In A well Mon Dieu Yes
Filthy Friends Invitation Despierta Yes
Happy Abandon FacePaint Severed Screams Yes
San Cisco Slo Mo No
Ruby Bones Ruby Bones Heart Of Darkness Yes
Culture wars Culture Wars Money (Gimmie Gimmie) Yes
Academic Bear Claws Bear Claws Yes
Arcade Fire Everything Now Creature Comfort No
Queens of the stone age Villains The way you used to do Yes
The Academic Mixtape 2003 No
Cribs 27/7 rock star In Your Palace No