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Arianna L. playlist for 10/07/2016

Artist Album Title Label New
Sykes Chasing rainbows No
Chvrches Never Ending Circles No
TUNS Mind Over Matter Yes
Set it off Upside Down Yes
Pixies Bel Esprit Yes
Regina Spektor Small Bill$ Yes
Mowgli's Bad Thing Yes
Otis English Young kids, old love Yes
Transviolet Future Yes
Humble Pie Stone COld Fever No
The Doors Spanish Caravan No
Marco With Love Anything That's Rock n' roll No
Krief Some Other Time Yes
Youth Seasons No
Jones Wild Yes
Warpaint whiteout Yes
Janelle Kroll outsider Yes
I fight fail revive the expired Yes
night club magnetic Yes
sykes International you day Yes
Jesse Mac Cormack Never Enough Yes
Elephent stone Manipulator Yes
Mowgli's San Francisco No
Moose Blood Knuckles No
Burgeoning Streets No
middle brother me me me No
Bret Newski Barcelona No
Thermals Hey You No
Canyon Spells Magic No
MIYNT Birds No
Dinowalrus compass rose No
Cheshires Love this Feelin' No