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Marathon 2017 - November 12-18

Marathon begins November 12 at 12am and ends November 18 at 11:59pm, and we're looking forward to providing great programming 24/7!

Please consider donating to WUNH--we greatly appreciate all contributions. Every little bit counts--just click the "Donate" button above! (Donation button will be live beginning November 12.)

This year premium levels are:
$10 - 1 sticker, 1 pen
$20 - 2 stickers, 2 pens
$30 - 2 stickers, 2 pens, fidget spinner
$50 - 2 stickers, 2 pens, fidget spinner, t-shirt
$70 - 2 Stickers, 2 pens, fidget spinner, 2 t-shirts
$91.3 - 2 stickers, 2 pens, fidget spinner, 2 t-shirts, WUNH travel mug​

(shirt sizes: S-XXL)
* Remember, your donation is tax-deductible *

Thank you for supporting the Freewaves!


Welcome to WUNH.org

WUNH is a student-run radio station at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire. Operated by student and community DJs since 1971, WUNH's "free waves" have become a cornerstone of Seacoast New Hampshire's culture. We are a service organization, providing the University and surrounding communities with non-commercial, alternative radio. We strive for diversity in programming, playing artists and entire genres of music underrepresented in mainstream media. We maintain a high level of professionalism in our broadcasts, and are committed to providing the most up-to-date university information, news, and sports to the community. We provide the opportunity for interested members of the community to participate in all aspects of radio station operation through on-the-job training. Stream WUNH online at WUNH.org from anywhere in the world, or tune into 91.3 FM--on the WUNH campus, from Boston to Portland, Manchester to the Isles of Shoals.


It's Marathon 2016!

Marathon starts November 13 at 12:00am and ends Nov. 19 at 11:59pm. Please consider donating to help out this great station, every little bit counts! Just hit the "Donate" button! (Donation button goes live on November 13)

This year premium levels are:

$10 - Sticker and Pen

$20 - 2 Stickers, 2 Pens

$30 - Koozie, 2 Stickers, 2 Pens

$50 - 1 T-Shirt, Koozie, 2 Stickers, 2 Pens

$70 - 2 T-Shirts, Koozie, 2 Stickers, 2 Pens

$91.3 - Beanie, 2 T-Shirts, Koozie, 2 stickers, 2 pens

Shirt Sizes: S-XXL


*Remember, your donation is tax-deductible!

Thank you for supporting the Freewaves! 


New Streaming service!

 Have you ever tried to get onto listen to a show and the were denied? Our server limited us to a much lower number of online listeners. We upgraded our services and now can support a lot more listeners. You can also listen on your mobile devices.

Listen in your browser:




Listen mobile: click here 
Listen in your preferred mp3 player click here 
Stay tuned, we are working on a mobile app too for your phones!


WUNH at the New Hampshire Primary!

 What an exciting night at the University of New Hampshire as it hosts the last Democratic debate before the primary. Our crew was lucky enough to get press passes, so be sure to follow @WUNH on Twitter for live updates, and tune into 91.3fm or wunh.org after as our members break down the debate.


It's Marathon 2015!

Marathon starts at midnight on the 15th, and continues through Saturday, the 21st! This is your chance to help out WUNH by donating to us, which you can do by clicking the donate button above. You can qualify for a premium package with these donations:

$10- Sticker and pen

$20- Sticker, pen, and coozie

$30- Sticker, pen, coozie, and lanyard

$50- Sticker, pen, coozie, lanyard, and a t-shirt

$75- Sticker, pen, coozie, lanyard, and 2 t-shirts

$91.30- Sticker, pen, coozie, lanyard, 2 t-shirts AND an entry to win a $300 Ticketmaster gift card


*Remember, your donation is tax-deductible!

Thank you for supporting the Freewaves as your college radio station!


Post-Hi-Fi Recap.

 This year's Hi-Fi fest was really awesome! In case you missed it, here are some pictures that will make you want to go next year:


 This is a crowd going nuts


 Olik from Berlin


BA Canning


Cool Whip


Crime Pays




 Howling Boil


 Old Gray


 A bubble machine making bubbles


 Sam King Band


 The M Machine


 The Migs


 VHS or Beta


Thank you to all the bands, all the fans, and everyone who helped make this happen! See you there next year!


HI-FI* Music Festival

T-Hall Lawn, May 5th. Save the date!

 Get ready for another wonderful year of HI-FI*! 


 Hi-Fi* is a safe, alternative, on-campus event, which aims to provide students and local community members with the opportunity to enjoy underrepresented musical artists in a substance-free environment. Hi-Fi* is a collaborative event, bringing together the expertise and input of multiple student organizations in an effort to provide a diverse and thoroughly enjoyable end of the year event for all in attendance.

With a foundation built on safety, thoughtful planning, and communal student effort, Hi-Fi* has enormous potential to continue its success and growth. Last year’s event demonstrated this potential to the utmost degree, posing zero safety concerns as well as zero community complaints. The founders of Hi-Fi* are enthusiastic about the future of this event, and owe the MUB, collaborating University departments, the town of Durham, and UNH Police Department a great amount of thanks for their continued support.



So here's the lineup:

/// Live Bands Noon-8pm ///

Noon - 1pm
Sam King Band
1pm - 2pm
2pm - 3pm
BA Canning
3pm - 4pm
The Migs
4pm - 5pm
Old Gray
5pm - 6pm
Howling Boil
6pm - 7pm
VHS or Beta
8pm - 9pm
/// Dance Party 8pm-Midnight ///
Crime Pays
8pm - 9pm
Olik from Berlin
9pm - 10pm
The M Machine
10pm - Midnight


We hope to see you there, because we know you won't want to miss the awesomeness that is HI-FI*!


Hi-Fi* Music Festival

91.3fm WUNH, MUSO, CAB, and SCAN-TV present... The 2nd Annual Hi-Fi* Music Festival. Celebrate the end of the school year with twelve hours of live music right in the heart of campus. May 7th from Noon 'til Midnight on T-Hall Lawn, in the center of the campus of the University of New Hampshire. During daylight, see bands perform live with acts like MMOSS, the Music Tapes, and many more. When the sun goes down, electronic music djs takeover and mix a live dance party all the way until midnight, including a stop on the world tour of the global DJ The Juan MacLean! Prepare to be stupefied by a day of musical madness - May 7th, the Hi-Fi* Music Festival! A Sic 'em sponsored event. BE THERE!


RSVP on facebook!


The Cave Boys


Poison Ivy League

Maintain Radio Silence


Billy Raygun


The Young Leaves



All Those Ships


The Fatal Flaw









Christie Lane


The Music Tapes [feat. ex Neutral Milk Hotel]





Olik from Berlin


Lord Bass

The Juan MacLean


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