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Voice Box Tops, 2012 edition

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It's been one full year since The Voice Box debuted, on February 18, 2011. In that wild year we've had some 7 guest DJs, interviewed dozens of guests on 3 continents, had 2 in-studio performances, and broadcasted 3 live concerts from other venues on campus. And all with the live-broadcast charm inherent in all WUNH programming!

Well, we tracked the music played on air during that first year, and after crunching the numbers, here are the Voice Box Tops for our first year. The songs, groups, and albums that follow were our most played in 2011. Check out links for more on the groups and to purchase their music! Listen to the Voice Box Tops segment in the 9pm hour of the February 24, 2012 episode.

Keep an eye on this blog and The Voice Box page on Facebook for an upcoming weekly series on strategies for grabbing the attention of DJs and listeners- and elevate your group into charts like this!

    Top Groups:
  1. Straight No Chaser
  2. Overboard
  3. The Hyannis Sound
  4. Not Too Sharp
  5. Naturally 7
  6. Brandeis Voicemale
  7. The NH Notables
  8. Alabaster Blue*
  9. The Beelzebubs*
  10. Club for Five*
  11. Firedrill!*

    Top Songs:
  1. transit - Home
  2. The Hyannis Sound - Carolina in My Mind
  3. Naturally 7 - Ready or Not

    Top Albums:
  1. Free Track Tuesday (Overboard)
  2. Shifting Gears (Not Too Sharp)
  3. You're The Voice (Club for Five)
  4. 10 Songs, Any Style (Alabaster Blue)
  5. VocalPlay (Naturally 7)
  6. Voices Only 2011 (Compilation)
  7. Ferris Wheels (The Swingle Singers)
  8. With A Twist (Straight No Chaser)
  9. Nota (Nota)
  10. Suit Up (Brandeis VoiceMale)

    Most Listened-to Online Broadcasts
  1. Sept. 16: UNH A Cappella Night live, with each campus group and Overboard
  2. Aug. 5: Interview with Tat Tong of T2 Productions, introduction of Perpetuum Jazzile and Voices in Your Head
  3. Dec. 9: Not Too Sharp concert live
  4. Aug. 12: Interview with Dave from Ball in the House, introduction to transit, The Bobolinks, and acametal with Dokaka
  5. Dec. 2: Interview with Tine Fris of Postyr Project, debut of new Postyr single, and SoJam wrapup set

  6. * = Tie