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Ceili playlist for 02/19/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Mackeel Plaid Haul Away Joe A&M No
Moving Hearts Live in Dublin Finore Compass No
Calan Bling Calan Sain No
Touchstone The New Land Farewell To Nova Scotia Green Linnet No
Lady Maisery Weave & Spin Minoorna Labajalg/Elin's Trall Privately produced Yes
Alf Edwards The Art of the Concertina The Morpeth Rant Prestige International No
Lady Maisery Weave & Spin Primrose Polka/Bluebell Polka Privately produced Yes
Dave & Toni Arthur The Folk Trailer Lazlo Feher Trailer No
Alf Edwards The Art of the Concertina Epping Forest Prestige International No
Donna Hebert In Full Bloom Raven's Wings Privately produced Yes
Les Charbonniers de L'Enfer Chansons A Capella Dans La Ville de Paris Mille-Pattes No
Oliver Schroer & Nuala Kennedy Enthralled The Dark Lantern Borealis Yes
Tony Rose Bare Bones Tom The Barber Boneshaker No
Tony Rose Bare Bones The Banks of Green Willow Boneshaker No
Skip Gorman & David Surette March Mandolin Festival 2006 Bonaparte's Retreat and Bonaparte's March Privately produced No
Touchstone The New Land Three Polkas Green Linnet No
David Surette The Green Mandolin Devanney's Goat/Pigeon On The Gat Madrina No
Jesse Brock Kickin' Grass New Camptown Races Privately produced No
David Surette The Green Mandolin Loftus Jones/Cook in the Kitchen Madrina No
Daithi Sproule (with Altan) Lost River, Vol. 1 Lynchehaun New Folk Records Yes
Brongaene Griffin Three Colours Ginger Calico/Sport Loftus No
The Young Tradition The Folk Trailer Bright Morning Star Trailer No
Tri Among Friends Donald MacLean's Farewell Tri Music Yes
Orla Fallon (with the Dubliners) My Land The Spanish Lady Elevation Yes

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