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Ceili playlist for 08/14/2011

Artist Album Title Label New
Chris Armstrong Notes in Ma Heid Biggar KRL/Lochshore No
Kila Tog E Go Bog E Leanfaidh Me Green Linnet No
Ashley MacIsaac Hi, How Are You Today? Sleepy Maggie Ancient Music/A&M No
Calan Bling Calan Sain No
Mary Jane Lamond Suas E! Bog A' Lochain Turtlemusik/A&M No
De Temps Antan A L'Annee Suite de Laptop Self Released No
Bill Jones Panchpuran Panchpuran Compass No
Alan Stivell & Youssou N'Dour 1 Douar A United Earth 1 Keltia No
Rod Stradling Rhythms of The Wold The Shameless Glutton Green Linnet No
Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies Honesty Box The Big Fear Tantobie No
Seamus Egan Celtic Dreamland When Juniper Sleeps Putumayo No
Swallowtail Contra Roots and Branches The Tar Road To Sligo Medley Great Meadow No
Karen Matheson Downriver Chi Mi Bhuam Compass No
The Easy Club s/e The easy Club Reel/Janine's Reel Greentrax No
Mick McAuley Celtic Crossroads The HOuse Carpenter Putumayo No
Angus Lyon and Ruaridh Campbell Simple Tricks Vino KRL/Lochshore No
Paul Brady Welcome Here Kind Stranger The Lakes of Pontchartrain Green Linnet No
Donal Lunny Coolfin Polkas: Trip To Sado/Dan-Ti-Dan-Dan Metro Blue No
Les Charbonniers De L'Enfer Chansons A Cappella Dans La Ville de Paris La Tribu No
Kate Rusby The Songs of the Radio Ballads Curtains Gottdiscs No
Jim Moray In Modern History TheLowlands of Holland Niblick No
Altan s/e The Sunset Green Linnet No

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