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  • Sunday 12-2pm

Ceili has from its inception in 1986 featured a wide variety of music from the traditions of the  Celtic countries and England, ranging from the unaccompanied voice or single instrument to the raucous and rocked-up and everything in between and spanning the centuries from the Renaissance right up until today. You’ll hear traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Brittany, Galicia, Asturias, Cape Breton, Quebec and New England as well as tunes from other places like the mid-West, Texas, and California that are grounded in the musical traditions of these countries.

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This music is generally referred to as “Celtic” – though that’s a term fraught with issues, so I make a point of eschewing it in favor of a more general description – the one I say at the start of every show – “Ceili features music in the traditions of the Celtic countries and England.” The point really is the connection with the living traditions of these countries, changing as they are along the way. So, although U2 are Irish, they don’t get played here.

Carol Coronis

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