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Chandler M playlist for 10/12/2016

Artist Album Title Label New
Mowgli's Whered Your Weekend Go? So What Yes
Mowglis "" Spcin Out Yes
Mowglis "" Bad Thing Yes
Mowglis "" Spiderweb Yes
Lady Wray Queen Alone Do It Again Yes
Lady Wray "" Smilin Yes
Lady Wray "" Make Me Over Yes
Janelle Kroll Outsider FVR Yes
Janelle Kroll "" 24 hrs Yes
Janelle Kroll "" Looose (ft. morgxn) Yes
Hour Single No One's Going To Heaven Yes
Charlotte Day Wilson CDW On Your Own Yes
Charlotte Day Wilson "" Work Yes
Bad Suns Disappear Here Disappear Here Yes
Wild Life Low tides Hit The Reset Yes
Wild Life "" Let Go Yes
Charlotte Day Wilson "" Where Do You Go Yes
Wild Life "" Falling Down Yes
Wild Life "" Brick Wall Yes
Burgeoning Loud Dreams Reboot Yes
Burgeoning "" Loud Dreams Yes
Burgeoning "" Rain Yes
Burgeoning "" Beautiful Rampage Yes