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Charlotte playlist for 01/31/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Harrison Brome Fill Your Brains Fill Your Brains Yes
Barclay Crenshaw Barclay Crenshaw The Gene Sequence Yes
Animation Raise Your Expectations They can't touch you Yes
Zavala Fantasmas Mirrors Yes
xx I See You On Hold Yes
Japanese Wallpaper Japanese Wallpaper Forces (Feat. Airling) Yes
Great Good Fine Ok III Holding You Yes
Coucheron Loud Loud Yes
Vallis Alps Fading Fading Yes
Shaed Just Wanna See Just Wanna See Yes
Morgxn Home hard pill to swallow Yes
Gift Clinic Hope Clinic Hope Yes
Icelandia Kinship Stay Yes
Justice Woman Randy Yes
Digalaux Woman Woman Yes
Bright Light Bright Light Cinematography Time After Time Yes
NOIA Habits Love Hack Yes
Jay Daniel Broken Knowz Knowledge Of Selfie Yes
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Someone to Stay Someone to Stay Yes
Kastle Reflections So faded Yes
Tiger Town Paper note Paper Note Yes
Japanese House Swim Against The Ride Feels like Thunder Yes

 Only new songs