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Colleen playlist for 03/30/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Set It Off Upside Down Uncontainable No
Molochs America's Velvet Glory New York No
Otherkin The 201 EP Ay Ay No
WSTR Red Green Or InBetween Lonely Smiles Yes
Active Bird Community Stick Around Home Yes
dangerkids blacklist blacklist Yes
Fred Thomes Changer Changer Yes
Sleater-Kinney Live in Paris Modern Girl Yes
Stef Chura Messes Messes Yes
TSOL The Trigger Complex Wild Life Yes
Youth in Revolt The Broken The Broken Yes
AFI The Blood Album White Offerings Yes
Aracde Fire I Give You Power I give you power Yes
As It Is Okay Okay Yes
Set It Off Upside Down Upside Down No