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Dan playlist for 01/17/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Blood For Blood Aces of Spades No
Bruisers These Two Boots No
Barn Burner Skid Marks the Spot No
3 Inches of Blood Battles and Brotherhood Yes
From Ashes Rise Nightmares Reaction No
Waranimal into the gore we ride Devils Cup No
Nuclear Assault out of order Sign in Blood No
Slap Shot 16 Valve Hate The Truth Hurts No
The Hope Conspiracy Dismal Tides No
Tomahawk Mix Gas When the Stars No
One Day as a Lion s/t If You Fear Dying No
Blood Brothers Young Machetes Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes No
AGainst me! The Disco Before the Breakdown Tonight We're gonna give 35 No
ShutDown Against all Odds Inside out No
Sick of it all Life of it all Relentless No
Blood WArrior Blood letting No
Blood WArrior snake seer No
Blood Warrior north south No
Pangea Sahpeshifter No
O'death Broken hyms limbs and sin Legs To sin No
Valient Thor immortalizer 1000 Winters in a row No
the tin thistles We were promised better Black top No
Momentum Wetting Occams Razor Lineage No
O'death Ghost Head No
Waranimal The sword of skeleos No
SCout Niblett Let Thine Heart be Warmed No
Fun single We are young Yes
Bonnie Prince Billy Wolfrey Goes To Town Cows Yes
Brief Candles Fractured Days Recognition Yes
Boy and Bear Moonfire Milk and Sticks Yes
MMoss I Make it well Yes
El Rego s/t Zon DeDe Yes
Portugal the Man All Your Light (Times like These) Yes
Puppies and Trains Behold A Pale Puppy Yes
The Gimps Bath Salts A meth bust in Gwinnett County Yes
Kathleen Edwards Voyager Change The Sheets Yes
Wooden Wand & the Briarwood Virgins BriarWood The Dnr Waltz Yes
Get Set Go Fury of your Lonely Heart Racecar Yes
Brian Eno Drums Between the Beels As If Your Eyes Were Partly Closed Yes
Cerebral Ballzy s/t Junky for her Yes
Bel Air fortuna Can't Say I'm Sorry Yes
MMOSS I Hedgecreeper No
Bonnie "Prince" Billy Ask Forgiveness I'm Loving the street No
Two Gallants Scenery of farwell Seems like home to me No
Blood Warrior Snake Sneer No
Belle and Sebastian Dear Catastrope waitress I'm a Cuckoo No
Symphony of Science We are all Connected No
o'death Outside bugs No
Maps and Atlases tree, Swallows, Houses Songs for Ghosts to haunt By No
Bonnie Prince Billy The wonder show of the world Go folks go No