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Dave Scott playlist for 03/18/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Froth Outside (Briefly) Contact Yes
Young Fox Sky Beats Gold Slow burn Yes
wwoman Let Us Sleep Together New Ferments Yes
WHY Moh Lhean This Ole King Yes
Valarie June The Order of time Shakedown Yes
Tennis Yours Conditionally In the Morning I'll Be Better Yes
Temples Volcano Certainty Yes
Tabah Symmetry Somewhere Curtain Call Yes
Strange Lot Gods And Clods Born Yes
Rocky and the Chapter You Are Not Mine EP Diet Coke Yes
Sara Beth Nelson Oh Evolution Hazy Yes
Meatbodies Alice Creature Feature Yes
Nathan Fake Providence Degreelessness Yes
Homeshake Fresh Air Call Me Up Yes
Homeshake Fresh Air Not U Yes
Homeshake Fresh Air Every Single Thing Yes
Jay Som Everybody Works The Bus Song Yes
Imaginary Tricks Skommel Bird Yes
Grandaddy Last Place Way We Won't Yes
Granddaddy Last Place Evermore Yes
Garden U Want the Scoop EP All Access (Clean) Yes
Froth Outside (Briefly) Passing Yes
Flagship The Electric Man Mexican Jackpot Yes
Dawn Richard Redemption Renegades Yes
Dan The Man Circadian Circus Something Good Yes
Chinah Hints EP Even Love Yes
Bleached Can You Deal EP Can You Deal Yes
Blood And Glass Punk Shadows Hop The Fence Yes
Blood And Glass Punk Shadows Whiskey Yes
Can't Swim Fail You Again We Won't Sleep Yes
Bonny Doom Bonny Doom Relieved Yes
Bleached Can You Deal EP Flipside Yes
Alice Jemima Alice Jemima Electric Yes
Shelby Earl The man Who Made Himself A Name The Vapors Yes
Secondhand Serenade Awake 10 Years and 10000 Tears Later Lost Yes
Ruby Impress Empressionism Strung Out Yes
Modern English Take me to the Trees Flood of Light Yes
Modern English Take Me To The Trees Trees Yes