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Dave Scott playlist for 04/08/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Amelia Curran Watershed Gravity Yes
British Sea Power Dancers Inherit The Party Bad Bohemian Yes
Wire Silver Lead Short Elevated Period Yes
Two Tens Two Tens EP Keeping Hope Alive Yes
Tall Ships Impressions Petrichor Yes
Tei Shi Crawl Space Keep Running Yes
Some Kind of Animals Some Kind of Animals Hold On Yes
Sneaks It's A Myth Look Like That Yes
Said The Whale As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide Step Into The Darkness Yes
Robyn Hitchcock Robyn Hitchcock Mad Shelly's Letterbox Yes
Radiator King A Hollow Triumph After All So Long (Charlie) Yes
Pins Bad Thing EP Aggrophobe (Feat. Iggy Pop) Yes
Particle Kid Particle Kid The Ocean Yes
Octopus Project Memory Mirror Wrong Gong Yes
New Street Adventure Stobborn Son (What's So Good About) Happiness Yes
Milky Chance Blossom Doing Good Yes
Lou Cannon Suspicious Coma Yes
Loose Tooth Big Day Sleep With The State Concept Yes
Jesus And Mary Chain Damage And Joy Always Good Yes
Happiness Write In Anna, Lisa Calls Yes
Gift Altar Clinic Hope (Feat. Brian Eno) Yes
Geotic Abysma Actually Smiling Yes
Amelia Curran Watershed Come Back For Me Yes
Amelia Curran Watershed Act of Human Kindness Yes
Amelia Curran Watershed Stranger Things Have Happened Yes
Granite To Glass For When You Need This I Want To Live Yes
Fox Grin Dawn EP Fall Into You Yes
Feedtime Gas Any Good Thing Yes
Fairmont A Spring Window Bones Yes
Curse of Lono Severed Pick Up The Pieces Yes
Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2 Star Staff Disco Kid Yes
Broken Social Scene Single Halfway Home Yes
Blonde Redhead 3 O'Clock EP 3 O' Clock Yes
Bleachers Single Don't Take The Money Yes
Blaenvon That's Your Lot My Bark Is your Bite Yes
Big Brutus The Odd Willow Louise Yes
B. Miles B. Miles EP Running Yes
Adam Melchor The Archer EP Brook Revisited Yes
Brittish Sea Power Dancers Inherit The Party Keep On Trying Yes
British Sea Power Dancers Inherit The Party The Voice of Ivy Lee Yes
British Sea Power Dancers Inherit The Party Alone Piano Yes
British Sea Power Dancers Inherit The Party Praise For Whatever Yes
Anix Ephemeral Mask Yes