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Dave Scott playlist for 05/13/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Younger Than Younger Than EP Like Hell Yes
YI EP1 Careless Yes
Wilsen I Go Missing In My Sleep Centipede Yes
Warm Soda I Don't Wanna Grow up This Changes Everything Yes
Sharon Van Etten Resistance Radio: Main In The High Castle The End Oof The World Yes
Vancouver Sleep Club Revival Lung Yes
Upper Crust Delusions of Grandeur The Pleasure's All Mine Yes
The Church 1990 Metropolis Request No
TOWRS Grey Fidelity Going Yes
TOMA Aroma Open Minded Yes
Skating Polly New Trick EP Black Sky Yes
Royal Thunder WICK Push Yes
Overlake Fall And Again Yes
No Middle Name Fondness Brother Yes
Nightlands I Can Feel the Night Around Me Human Heart Yes
Michelle Blades Premature Love Songs Most of The Time Yes
Matt And Sam's Brother My Brain Hurts A Lot Sundays Best Yes
Maine Lovely Little Lonely Lonely Yes
Little Hurricane Same Sun Same Moon You Remind Me Yes
Kelly Lee Owens Kelly Lee Owens Evolution Yes
Minus The Bear Voids Last Kiss Yes
Horse Jumper of Love Horse Jumper of Love Bagel Breath Yes
Hoops Routines On Letting Go Yes
Fictionist Sleep Machine I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye Yes
Digital Wild Tall As Trees EP Plume Yes
Charly Bliss Guppy Gatorade Yes
Alvarez Kings Somewhere Between Fear to Feel Yes
Sadies Northern Passages Another Season Again Yes
Skott Single Glitter And Glass Yes
Teen Daze Themes For dying Earth Water In Heaven Yes
Ten Fe Hit The Light Don't forget Yes
Octopus Project Memory Mirror Pedro Yang Yes
Particle Kid Particle Kid Drone Love Yes
Pins Bad Thing EP All Hail Yes
Robyn Hitchcock Robyn Hitchcock Detective Mindhorn Yes
Sneaks It's A Myth With A Cherry On Top Yes
Tei Shi Crawl Space Justify Yes
Alexandra Savior Belladonna of Sadness Vanishing Point Yes
Black Angels Death Song Medicine Yes
Blossoms Blossoms Cut Me And I'll Bleed Yes
Born cages Exit Signs In a Burning Building Could've Done It better Before Yes
Cold Beat Chaos By Invention Strawberry Moon Yes
Defend the Rhino Static Breeze Running In The Dark Yes