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Dave Scott playlist for 07/29/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Vanish From Sheep To Wolves EP From Sheep To Wolves Yes
Umm Double Worshiper Some Jungle Yes
Taylor Knox Love Running Into Love Yes
Tambo Rays Recharge EP Yes And No Yes
So Much Light Oh Yuck Be Afraid Yes
Sleeptalk Sleeptalk Strange Nights Yes
Slaughter Beach Dog Motorcycle JPG EP Building The Arc Yes
Rationales Upstream Ready To Go No
Sine Cura I Am Growing Honestly Growing Pains Yes
See Through Dresses Horse of The Other World Pretty Police Yes
Sarah Jaffe Bad Baby Bad Baby Yes
Nine Inch Nails Add Violence EP The Lovers Yes
Marvelous Liars Marvelous Liars Already Been Dead Yes
Mammut Kinder Versions Breath Into Me Yes
Los Shut Up Friend Club Larlie Yes
Rationales Upstream Trade You No
Rationales Upstream Under The Gun No
Lana Del Rey Lust For Life Beautiful People Beautiful Problems Yes
Katie Von Schleicher Shotty Hits Life's A Lie Yes
Harts Smoke Fire Hope Desire Peculiar Yes
Hammydown Pizzaface Pizzaface Yes
Guided By Voices How Do You Spell Heaven The Birthday Democrats Yes
Growl Won't you Duck Sauce Yes
Gregory Howe Gregory Howe Chasing Shadows Yes
Goldfinger The Knife Put The Knife Away Yes
Delcan McKenna What Do You Think About The Car Humongous Yes
Foster The People Sacred Hearts Club Sit Next To Me Yes
Dan Croll Emerging Adulthood Bad Boy Yes
Boris Dear Absolutego Yes
Accidentals Odyssey Odyssey Yes
Wagner Logic Heart Is Dark Dropped From Far Above Yes
Rationales Upstream All The While No
Rationales Upstream Climb The Latter No
Us And Only Us Full Flower KNO Yes
Twinsmith Stay Cool Hug Me Yes
Lana Del Rey Lust For Life Love Yes
Tigertown Single Warriors Yes
Tesha Dreams Yes
Teen Vice Saddest Summer Out of Excuses Yes
Rationales Upstream Take A Ride With Me No
Rationales Upstream Dulcinea No