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    Welcome to WUNH, aka "The Freewaves." You can listen online by hitting the "play" button. We hope you enjoy our daily programming. If you can't get enough, recent shows are also available for streaming or podcasting in our archive!

DJ Tanner playlist for 02/08/2014

Artist Album Title Label New
Snow 7" Informer slowed to 33 No
95 South 7" Woot! There it is! not Whomp! There it is. reconize No
Johnny Cash 7" Trasfusion Blues Not Cocaine Blues and I have never heard this before. No
Lady and the Tramp 7" We are Siamese vs. Tibetan Chant No
The Bangles 7" Hazy Shade of Winter No
Job Corp Vs. Sitched on Bach 7" dueling 7" No
James Brown vs. Swtched on Bach 7" Cold Sweat dueling 7" No
Del Shannon Vs. Slap 7" Runaway dueling 7" No
Classix Nouveaux 7" Never Again No
Al "Jazz" Collins 7" Jack and the Beanstalk gift from my friend on rt 4! No
Elvis Colstello 7" You Belong To Me No
Steel Pulse 7" Klu Klux Klan No
Fat Boys 7" Protect Yourself and my Nuts No
Elvis Presley Vs. Mr. Bungle 7" Hula Baby Elvis on 33 No
God Help the Girl digital Come Monday Night goodnight. No

DJT mixing an audio collage, LIVE! Samples [vinyl and digital] include, but is not limited to:
Hey Marseilles, Morphine, Matt & Kim, Children's Introduction to Music, The Golden Mean to 5000 digits, How To Survive a Nuclear Attack, When Mother Let's Us Cook, Righteous Cowboy Lightening, Corneilous, Air, Friends, Reading Rainbow, Beastie Boys, KRS-1, MANEATER, Kraftwerk, How to Speak German, Prodigy, Jesse Jackson, Traktor, and I will list the 7" below. It's like having your head in a bell!