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DJ Tanner playlist for 05/02/2014

Artist Album Title Label New
Tony the Beat Tommie Sunshine Fire Remix Vinyl No
Superchunk 1993 Cadmium Vinyl No
Suncatcher 1996 Little Stevie Wonder Vinyl No
Superball 63 1992 GOT Vinyl No
Surf M.C's 1987 Surf or Die Vinyl No
Suicidal Tendencies Surf and Slam Vinyl No
Taco vs DJ Tanner Traktor vs. Vinyl Cheeck to Cheek No
Nitzer Ebb 1987 Join the Chant Vinyl No
The Happiest Guys in the World Ask the Girl to Dance No
Stewart Walker 1993 Reality Vinyl No
Handsom Furs In the Radio's Hot Sun No
Thurston Moore Bennediction Vinyl No
Magic Hour 1994 Permenant Green Light Vinyl (Galaxie 500 and Christallized Movements' ex-members No
Loop 1991 Afterglow Vinyl No
Lemonheads 1988 Burying Ground Vinyl No
Magnapop 1994 The Crush Vinyl No
London Underground 1988 Read Between the Lines Vinyl No
The Make-Up 1998 Livin' in the Rythm Hive Vinyl No
Marqus Bvre and the Evil Twins Tanguary and Chrome Vinyl No
Man-or Astroman 1995 Jetson's Theme Vinyl No
The Lookouts 1989 The Girl From Space Vinyl No
The Cryptics Secret Laboratory LOCAL BAND vinyl No
Hot Panda afraid of the west Vinyl No
Weather Song DJ Tanner No
7" for 11 Stiches No
AntiSEEN 1991 Walking Dead 7" No
Anodyne 1996 Kiss of Fire 7" No
Angry Red Plan 1986 On the Water Fron 7" No
Angel Corpus Christi 1995 Me and My Beretta 7" No
Anomy TVC-15 7" No
Audio Explorations 1997 Peppermin 7" No
The Anniversary 2001 To Whit to Whoo 7" No
Microphones 2000 7" No
Microphones 1998 Noise Modulation/Alpha Beta 7" No
Microdisney Harmony Time 7" No
Another Girl 1997 Holiday 7" No
Blonde Redhead 1995 Flying Douglas 7" No
Palace Brothers 1994 Horses 7" No
God Help the Girl Come Monday Night No

Spinning tons of vinyl this evening and 7" records 11pm-12amLocal band, The Cryptics, aired via VINYL!Keepin' it real.Live Freewaves or Die.