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DJ Hamsalad playlist for 10/03/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Old Hat Powderhorn Whitewash Nh No
The Bruisers Up In Flames All Messed Up No
Aesop Rock Boombox No
Rude Awakening The Awakening The Awakening No
Slapshot 16 Valve Hate The Truth Hurts No
Big L Flamboyant No
Municipal Waste Lunch Hall Food Brawl No
The Boston Strangler Primitive Gonna Make you Pay No
The Tin Thistles We Were Promised Better Blacktop No
word for word keepsake ides of march No
From Ashes Rise Nightmares Reaction No
COA Pain Machines Prozac No
The Tin Thistles See you At the Bar The Deep End No
Scissorfight Kancagmancus Mangler No
Mental yo Bootleg No
the Hope Conspiracy Dismal Tides No