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DJ Tanner playlist for 10/11/2011

Artist Album Title Label New
DJT DJT intro Anabolic Frolic No
Darling Pet Monkey BBC Sampler 2011 Darling Pet Monkey Local Yes
Old Hat Powderhorn Unto You Rockingham Records/Local Yes
Fang Island s/t Life Coach Sargent House No
Fleet Foxes s/t Blue Ridge Mountains No
The Pretenders No Thanks! The Wait No
Lykki Li Little Bit EP Little Bit No
White Stripes Were Gonna be friends No
Naked Thoughts Compilation I wanna Go Local No
The Tin Thistles We Were Promised Better One Ways and Dead Ends Local Yes
Stars Above Compilation Not Like This Local Yes
Hum You'd Prefer an Astronaut Stars No
The Ramones Hey Ho! Let's Go! I Believe in Miracles No
Genuine Rust Split Makeshift Morgue Local Yes
Tricky Mixed Race Bristol to London No
fruit strip gum commercial No
Lovage Music to Make Love To Lovage No
Hair Hair Soundtrack Sodomy No
Losers Fight It Losers Die Born Again Local No
Atari Teenage Riot Is This Hyperreal? Digital Decay Yes
Boy Eats Drum Machine Hoop + Wire syncopated Tender Loving Empire No
Fitten Trim Geek Rok! For Geeks who like to rock Give Me Liberty or Give me Death! Caveat Empire No
Handsome Furs Sound Kapital Cheap Music Sub Pop Yes
The Murder Weapon Compilation Wait Local Yes
The Slickers The Harder they Come Johnny Too Bad No
Down to the Well The Trial and Error The Girl From New York Local Yes
The Labor Pains Night of the Living Dead Heads Local Yes
The Freeze Boston Wolfpack The Criminal Inside No
Lars Fredrickson and the Bastards s/t Wine and Roses No
Michael Franti and Spearhead Stay Human Rock the Nation No
Johnny Cash Guitar Picker No
Your Favorite Martian Orphan Tears Orphan Tears No

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