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Eating Breakfast with DJ Tanner

You may have noticed the wide variety on WUNH (If not, get over to our archives and start listening!). Even with the huge amount of music we have in our station, it can be hard to stand out and give the people an experience they want to hear. What makes DJ Tanner’s show so unique? The minute you hear it, you’ll know. Pop culture references abound, energetic quips, and that raw punk sound drive this 2-hour show, relentlessly hitting you with the sound that is 100% college music.  

Best thing about this jam packed show is without a doubt DJ Tanner’s dedication to local music. DJT has live bands in studio, sets up live concerts, has been known to be a faketographer [show photos can be found on DJT’s Facebook], and has released a double disc local compilation.  “My newest en devour with the DJT Show is inviting musicians from local bands on to interview and pick out their own playlist,” she informs. “I have been getting great feedback about this because people want to know what their favorite musicians listen to and were influenced by.” This week, Friday from 10-12am (that's October 19th if you want to mark your calendar), she'll feature Ian James, an artist out of Lowell, MA who draws influence from Jimi Hendrix, Explosions in the Sky, and Boba Fett.

  Without doubt, you can always trust DJ Tanner for what’s new on the Seacoast scene. Not only does WUNH as a whole expose listeners to ‘underground college rock', but it exposes local musicians, thus keeping the music scene alive. Other shows, such as Return To The Pit, WUNH’s glorious metal show, also pay tribute to local artists. It’s DJT’s style and devotion, however, that helps this show stand out from everything else out there in radio land. “I do this for the love of music, nothing more, nothing less.”

If you're a local artist looking to get some air time, drop miss Tanner a line.  "Artists can submit digital tracks or send me cds via WUNH mail box attn: KymLe DJ Tanner. I have selected albums to be in the new stacks in the pasts, so cd's are preferable." She also spins vinyl on the regular, and will be hosting a killer show December 1st at the Chen Yang Li in Bow, NH, featuring some of the bands she's picked out for this week. 21+, be there, and be rad.




DJ Tanner’s Picks


Here are just some of the bands DJ Tanner is digging in the local scene:


Cool Ya Jets
Sounds like being on a big jet with a super cool party goin' on. We're 
talkin' ice cream, kiddie pools, freezer pops and ice cream.
Live set on DJT Show in November 2012


They are so loud, I can't even mic them to have them play live. 

heavy power trio, doomy, blooze with a drum kit I haven't seen since '92


Yankee Cockfight
2 dudes, one harmonica, one bass drum, one axe

It’s not punk, it’s not blues, it’s not country. You can’t describe it. 
It’s an experience. It’s primal and it’s real. You have to see it for 


Live set performed on DJT Show 2012Oi Folk with various special guest and features the sultry mobster known as, Jonny Howes, on stand up bass.


Trophy Lungs

Live set performed on DJT Show couple weeks back
Pop-Punk trio stealing members from The Tin Thistles (played live on DJT Show), Wolfie Burns, and 3tvs