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Gabrielle Lamontagne playlist for 02/22/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Modern savage Unwilling Participants Straight & Narrow Yes
Aquilo Silhouette I Gave It All Yes
Louise Burns Young Mopes Storms Yes
dangerkids blacklist Invincible Summer Yes
Palisades Palisades Dark Yes
Fancey Love Mirage Witch Attack! Yes
Michael Chapman 50 Sometimes You Just Drive Yes
Horse Thief Trials and Truths Mountain town Yes
Dolly Spartans Time Sides With One Hanging Out Yes
Gods Themselves Be My Animal Tech boys Yes
Alex Izenberg Harlequin The Farm Yes
Matt Reagan Compilation No. 1 Dirty Friends Yes
Dig Bloodshot Tokyo Tired of Love Yes
Bash and Pop Anything Could Happen Anything Could Happen Yes
John Wesley Coleman III Microwave Dreams Mama I'm A Big Boy Now Yes
Molochs America's Velvet Glory Don't Love You Yes
Clem Snide You Were A Diamond Parable Yes
Tim Darcy Saturday Night Tall Glass of Water Yes
Gray Vines EP Dear Friend Yes
Angelica Garcia Medicine For Birds Loretta Lynn Yes
Maria Taylor In The Next Life It Will Find Me Yes
Scarves Mall Goths Off Script Yes
Heat Overnight Still Soft Yes
Ryan Adams Prisoner Shiver and Shake Yes
Tall Tall Trees Freedays Lost In Time Yes
Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Modern Ruin Neon Rust Yes
AFI The Blood Album Dumb Kids Yes
Snowball II Flashes of Quincy Resident of the United States Yes
Colony House Only The Lonely This Beautiful Life Yes
POW Crack An Egg The Razor Yes
Bitter Chills Feel Good Songs for Feel Bad People Folk It Down Yes

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