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Gabrielle Lamontagne playlist for 03/22/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
AFI The Blood Album Above The Bridge Yes
Regrettes Feel Your Feelings Fool Juicebox Baby Yes
Bonny Doon Bonny Doon Lost My Way Yes
Portugal The Man Feel It Still Feel It Still Yes
Leopold and His Fiction Darling Destroyer Flowers Yes
Holly Macve Golden Eagle All Of ITs Glory Yes
TOPS Petals Petals Yes
Mayve Motion Cruel Intentions Yes
Alice Jemima Alice Jemima Dodged A Bullet Yes
Rocky and the Chapter You Are Not Mine Lucky 13 Yes
New Politics One Of Us One Of Us Yes
Imaginary Tricks Skommel Seeing Two Yes
Young Fox Sky Beats Gold Atom Smasher Yes
Rachael Kilgour Rabbit In The Road Deep Bruises Yes
Craig Finn We All Want the Same Things Be Honest Yes
Strange Lot Gods and Clods Describe Your Mess Yes
Minus The Bear VOIDS Last Kiss Yes
Jenn Grant Paradise Working Girl Yes
WHY Moh Lhean The Barely Blur Yes
Robert Randolph & the Family Band Got Soul Find A Way Yes
Del Paxton All Day Every day All Night Take It To The Limit Yes
Tennis Yours Conditionally Matrimony Yes
Blood and Glass Punk Shadows Nowheresville Yes
Johnossi Blood Jungle Air Is Free Yes
Slingshot Dakota Broken Grudge Yes
Valerie June The Order of Time Man Done Wrong Yes
Flagship The Electric Man Hurricane Yes
Valerie June The Order of Time Shakedown Yes
Pimps of Joytime Third Wall Chronicles Little Bit Of Something Yes

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