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Gabrielle Lamontagne playlist for 04/05/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Dangermuffin Heritage Ancient Family Yes
Jake Xerxes Fussell What In the Natural World Furniture Man Yes
Coco Hames Coco Hames I Do Love You Yes
British Sea Power Let the Dancers Inherit the Party The Voice Of Ivy Lee Yes
Laura Marling Semper Femina Wild Once Yes
Bushwick Hotel Hard Times Kristina Yes
Wire Silverlead Diamonds In Cups Yes
Faintlife Ever Was Off The Rails Yes
Two Tens Two Tens Not Alright Yes
Cathedrals Don't Act Like a Stranger Don't Act Like A Stranger Yes
Tuxedo Tuxedo II Rotational Yes
Buttertones Gravedigging Neon Cowboy Yes
Tei Shi Crawl Space Bad Girl Yes
Meltdown The Meltdown Slow Fever Yes
Particle Kid Particle Kid Give IT All Bac Yes
Loose Tooth Big Day Free Skate Yes
Tall Ships Impressions Petrichor Yes
Happyness Write In Bigger Glass Full Yes
Radiator King A Hollow Triumph After All Murray's Hurried Blues Yes
Granite To Glass For When You Need This With Every Rainfall Yes
Some Kind of Animal Some Kind of Animal Just Lonely Yes
Imminence This is Goodbye Cold As Stone Yes
New Street Adventure Subborn Sons Smooth Talker Yes
Said The Whale As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide Lilac and Willow Yes
French Vanilla French Vanilla Mother's Love Yes
Cilantro Boombox Shine C U Dance Yes
Zoe Labelle For Years Brave Yes
Flor Guarded Guarded Yes
Richard Edwards Lemon Cotton Candy Street Git Paid Yes
Dan Auerbach Shine On Me Shine On Me Yes
Sorority Noise You're Not As Blank As You Think Where Are You? Yes

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