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Gabrielle Lamontagne playlist for 04/12/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Feedtime Gas Box N Burn Yes
Nate J Patchwork Blue All I Need Is Yours Yes
Broken Social Scene Halfway Home Halfway Home Yes
Mister Tom Party In Survival Shelter 37B Sexy and Depressing Yes
Father John Misty Pure Comedy Smoochie Yes
Jerry Leger Nonsense and Heartache For Hire Yes
Blonde Redhead 3 O'Clock Give Give Yes
Nana Grizol Ursa Minor T.V. Song Yes
Fairmont A Spring Widow Oh Your Bitter Heart Yes
Last Giant Memory of the World Living In Photographs Yes
Bleachers Don't Take The Money Don't Take The Money Yes
Onesie Leos Consume Hotelkinesis Yes
Blaenavon That's Your Lot Prague '99 Yes
Jeb Loy Nichols Country Hustle Till The Teardrops Fall Yes
Terri Clark Pain To Kill I Just Called To Say Goodbye No
Big Moon Love in the 4th Dimension Pull The Other One Yes
New Hampshire Gentlemen 15 Madbury Barbaranne Yes
Tim McGraw Renegade No
Big Brutus The Odd Willow Louise Yes
Diana Krall Errand Girl For Rhythm No
Adam Melchor The Archer Don't Invest In Me Yes
Maren Morris Hero I Wish I Was No
Garth Brooks Gunslinger Pure Adrenaline No
White Violet Ages Hallway Yes
Eric Tollefson This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things EP Dawn Sugar Yes
Prime Ministers Asymmetric Warehouse Song Yes
Gretchen and the Pickpockets Anachronic Sweet Sweet Love Yes
New Resistants Right To Remain Violent Kalashnikov Yes
Billy Joel River of Dreams Shades of Grey No
N.W. Engbers The Inner World Ruins Yes
John Fogerty Centerfield Searchlight No

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