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Glen and the Girls



 If you've been listening in on Thursday afternoons, you've undoubtedly enjoyed the crazy antics that it carries from show to show. One particularly unique program has been gaining attention for its hallowing sound, bizarre effects, and addictive nature. That show is Glen's, 12-3pm every Thursday. 

One listen to Glen's show and it's clear what his aesthetic is. It might best be described as folktronica. "My musical interests are Bjork, Fever Ray, the Knife, Purity Ring, Solange, Sky Ferreira, Cat Power, Beach House, and of course iamamiwhoami." These artists all have a knack for strong rhythms, musical exploration, and the use of samples that some might consider a little odd. All of them have voices that are rare yet beautiful and music that incorporates heavy, complex, even tribal rhythms with soft yet strong lyrics. 

Being very careful to select songs that flow into one another, Glen's focus is on more than just good music. "My show is based on bringing women to the airwaves," he announces. Every show, Glen dedicates at least one hour to showcasing great female talent. He also expresses his frustration with the amount of male-driven music in the Indy scene and music in general. "People are so interested in the male aspects of Indy music and I want to show that women can rock just as hard as men." For anyone who would deny this statement, just listen to any one of his favorite artists. You'll find yourself sorely mistaken.

Where does he find this enchanting, albeit sometimes creepy, set of tunes? "I find new music by looking through music blogs, by looking on Spotify and Last.FM related artists," he tells us. "I really like haunting, beautiful music that brings art in forms that aren't available in the main stream. Basically avant garde music that inspires the artists that everyone knows and loves." WUNH is dedicated to showcasing new artists and musical playlists you can't hear on any other radio station. If this is why you listen to WUNH, then Glen's show is a must. Turn your dial to 91.3fm every Thursday from 12-3pm and take a listen in what's inspiring today's biggest artists, or check out Glen's playlists and archived shows available for stream right here on wunh.org!