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Kristen W. playlist for 06/03/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Cataldo Keepers Willow Tree Moon Crew Yes
Hazel English Just Give In Never Going Home More Like You Polyvinyl Yes
MisterWives Connect the Dots Machine Republic Yes
Julian Jasper 2AM Chinatown EP Wait Until Dawn Misra Yes
Alex G Rocket Judge Domino Yes
Daddy Issues Deep Dream Locked Out Infinity Cat Yes
Lovely Days Arms Wide Open EP One Day In Heaven Helium Yes
Terminals Antiseptic Antiseptic Ba Da Bing Yes
Land of Talk Life After Youth What Was I Thinking Saddle Creek Yes
Sabrosa Purr Cocaine EP One Weak Moment self release No
Mono Formica Bllues Life In Mono Echo No
A Silver Mt. Zion He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms 13 Angels Stand Guard 'Round the Side Of Your Bed Constellation No
Sebastien Tellier Various-Lost In Translation soundtrack Fantino Emperor Norton No
Kraftwerk Electric Cafe Electric Cafe Elektra No
Dion Lunadon s/t Howl Agitated Yes
Needle Points Feel Young Howl Needlove Yes
Simon Doom Babyman The Gents Of Yore Votiv Yes
Modern Aquatic Laurel Leaves EP Yacht self release Yes
Kevin Morby City Music Caught In My Eye Dead Oceans Yes
Little Wings Explains Light Brang Woodsist No
Will Stratton Rosewood Almanac Some Ride Bella Union Yes
Thunder Dreamer Capture Capture 6131 Yes
Dream Machine The Illusion Nothing Left Castle Face Yes
CFM Dichotomy Desaturated Message From the Mirror In the Red Yes
The Orange Alabaster Mushroom Time & Space Compendium Your Face Is In My Mind Hidden Agenda No
Micromars International Pop Modulations New Pop Sounds AudioInformationPhenomena No
Piney Gir Peekahokahoo K-I-S-S-I-N-G Greyday No
Ring Arkadia Quater Inca Of Sand Persepolis No
Rivulets You Are My Home Shadow Of A Ghost Important No
Marika Hackman I'm Not Your Man Blahblahblah Sub Pop Yes
Digalaux First Smoke self release Yes
Nym Lilac Chaser Petalblown self release Yes
Mux Mool Implied Lines Love Song Young Heavy Souls Yes
Forest Swords Compassion War It Ninja Tune Yes
Ryan Massad Alone and Overdressed Stoney Jabroni Makosa Ten Dollar Yes
Chris Bathgate Dizzy Seas O(h)m Quite Scientific Yes
Chastity Belt I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone What the Hell Hardly Art Yes
Fake Shark Faux Real Be That Way Light Organ Yes
Gene Loves Jezebel Dance Underwater Ain't It Enough PlasticHead No
The Music Lovers Masculine Feminine Bobbie Gentry Le Grand Magistery No
My Dad Is Dead For Richer For Poorer Crazy World Emperor Norton No
Papas Fritas s/t Holiday Minty Fresh No
Sloan Pretty Together Who You Talkin' To? Murder No
Smashing Pumpkins Gish Crush Caroline No

 Also new, but not marked as new since it isn't currently in WUNH rotation:  Gene Loves Jezebel.