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Monday Night Jazz playlist for 11/19/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Duck Baker The Art of Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar In A Sentimental Mood Shannache Records Corp No
Billie Holiday Lady Day: The Master Takes and Singles Gloomy Sunday Legacy No
Maynard Ferguson The One and Only Dr. Fox Ph.D. Maynard Ferguson No
Rufus Harley The Piped Piper Piper of Jazz Pipin' The Blues s/r No
Freddie Hubbard Summertime, happy times.. Happy Times MCA Records No
Charlie Hunter Public Domain Danny Boy s/r No
Stan Getz Jazz Samba Desfinado Polygram Records No
Django Reinhardt Volume 1 Nagasaki Inner City No
Duke Ellington Blues in Orbit C Jam Blues Columbia No
Jamie Begian Big Band Big Fat Grin Funky Coffee Nova No
Tina Brooks Minor Move Nutville Blue Note Records No
John Coltrane/Red Garland Traneing In You Leave Me Breathless s/r No
Charles Mingus Passions of A Man A Foggy Day s/r No
Brad Mehldau ODE M.B. Nonesuch No
Michael Davis Trumpets Eleven C to Z Hip-Bonemusic No
Malcomb Hunter Nostalgia in My Square Head Invisible Man Powderfinger No
Jim Cullum Jazz Band Porgy and Bess Summertime CBS No
Jeff Johnson Suitcase Scene West Origin Yes
Corea, Clarke,, White FOREVER Captain Marvel s/r No

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