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Nate R. playlist for 05/04/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Little Dragon Season High Gravity Yes
TONSTARTSSBANDHT Sorcerer Sorcerer Yes
Blanck Mass World Eater Silent Treatment Yes
Jake Kaufman Shovel Knight Soundtrack High Above the Land (The Flying Machine) No
ANOHNI Paradise She Doesn't Mourn Her Loss Yes
Wilsen I Go Missing in My Sleep Final Yes
Timber Timbre Sincerely Future Pollution Grifting Yes
The Dream Eaters We Are A Curse Neanderthals Yes
Tashaki Miyaki The Dream Girls on T.V. Yes
Death Cab for Cutie We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes Company Calls No
Prime Ministers Asymmetric Satisfied Yes
Those Lavender Whales My Bones Are Singing How to Cook Everything Yes
American Football American Football (LP2) My Instincts Are the Enemy No
Overlake Fall Winter is Why Yes
Blonde Redhead 3 O'Clock 3 O'Clock Yes
RF Shannon Jaguar Palace Jaguar Palace Yes
Hex single Antelope No
Julia Holter In the Same Room Silhouettes Yes
Some Kind of Animal Some Kind of Animal Seasons Yes
American High Bones in the Attic Flowers in the Basement Fairfield, CA Yes
Jake Kaufman Shovel Knight Soundtrack An Underlying Problem (The Lost City) No