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Pop Punk Peach playlist for 11/30/2016

Artist Album Title Label New
Cemetery Sun Cemetery Sun Sleeping It Off Yes
Set It Off Upside Down Never Know Yes
Waterparks Double Dare Hawaii (Stay Awake) Yes
In Her Own Words Unfamiliar I Could've Been Yes
Dayshell Nexus Low Light Yes
Bayside Vacancy Enemy Lines No
State Champs Around the World and Back Back and Forth No
As It Is Okay Okay Yes
Sleep On It Lost Along The Way Unspoken Yes
Los Campesinos I Broke Up In Amarante I Broke Up In Amarante Yes
Cloud Nothings Modern Act Modern Act Yes
Guttermouth New Car Smell New Car Smell Yes
NOFX First Ditch Effort Sid and Nancy Yes
Frank Iero and the Patience Parachutes I'm A Mess Yes
FIDLAR Too 40 oz on Repeat No
Blind Shake Celebrate Your Worth I Shot All the Birds Yes
Ex Cult Negative Growth Attention Ritual (No One Sees) Yes
Jimmy Eat World Integrity Blues Get Right Yes
Basement Promise Everything Aquasun No
Dead to Me I Wanna Die In Los Angeles Comforting the Disturbed Yes
SWMRS Drive North D'You Have A Car No
Circa Waves Young Chasers Fossils No
Academic Mixtape 2003 Mixtape 2003 Yes
Front Bottoms Back On Top Cough It Out No
CRX New Skin Walls Yes
Strokes Future Present Past EP Oblivius Yes
Pack AD Positive Thinking So What Yes
Twin Atlantic Great Divide Cell Mate No
Grandson Bills Bills Yes
Berwanger Exorcism Rock Exorcism Rock Yes
Wyatt Blair Point of No Return Monday Morning Mess Yes