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Repping the New School


WUNH has been recruiting more and more students through its doors. With that comes new music tastes. One more recent DJ, Morgan, has been able to share all of his tastes with WUNH listeners, doing a show with partner in crime Dan on Saturdays from 4-6pm and having his own hip hop showcase early Friday mornings from 12-2am. He’s even managed to rise to the title of Hip Hop Director here at the station.

Morgan is your everyday New Hampshire born guy at first glance. “I've lived in my hometown Barrington, NH my entire life,” he shares. He’s a sophomore Environmental Engineering major and lists his personal interests as longboarding, drawing, listening to music (of course), meeting new people and traveling. If this isn’t the ideal personal ad for 20-somethings in the Seacoast area, I don’t know what is.

However, when it comes to music, Morgan stands out. “I love most music. My taste is really diverse, I kinda listen to whatever fits my mood at any given time,” he recounts. The support he’s pledged to the local sound is incredible, including promoting EDMC shows on campus and hosting local musicians on his show, such as Pilot Nation who made an appearance just recently. “I don’t have a favorite genre but I obviously dig hip-hop and electronic music, more specifically like deep house music that really makes you move your body.” Anyone who has given a listen to either of his shows knows what he means.

When it comes to spreading the name of new artists, Morgan does his research. “I spend a lot of time exploring blogs. Artists' Facebook and Twitter pages are also great places for new releases,” he reveals. Though social media is great for hearing about new talent, he also stresses the importance of listening to that talent, specifically through mixtapes. “A lot of people don't know that like 99% of hip-hop artists release mixtapes before they do full length albums,” he says. “The mixtapes generally have like 2-5 songs that eventually make it onto an album, so what I do is judge which singles will get the most attention and play them before the "mainstream" radio gets to them.” This seems to work out quite well for Morgan. One memorable instance was when he premiered the single “Bad” by Wale on his hip-hop showcase New Skool. It’s now a hit on radio and at the top of the iTunes charts.


Though he and Dan rock the freewaves every Saturday, it’s clear he has a lot of passion for the show New Skool. “I focus on the ‘new school’ music, mostly hip-hop but quite a bit of alternative r&b and new/neo soul or whatever you call this new stuff getting put out. 95% of the music I feature is less than a month old, usually only a week or two old, so very new stuff.” He also prides himself on finding music available to everyone. “Everything I play is something I have found online (except for the few hip-hop CD's being sent to the station). I like giving a place to showcase ‘internet art’ or stuff that is first released online, and then eventually released in a physical copy like a CD or vinyl. Kinda cool to know that anybody can find the songs I play right online and download them free and LEGALLY” Ever the bright college student, Morgan doesn't mess around with “that torrent stuff”.

As he’s only a sophomore, you can look forward to seeing a lot more from Morgan. He already brings great music and ideas to the station. One segment in particular is the "Sample Spotlight" he does for the last 30 minutes of each show. “Since a lot of hip-hop music is made by ‘sampling’ (using) other music, I showcase the tracks that use these samples as well as the samples themselves. So every show I'll play a little snippet of the track that was sampled and then I'll play the brand new hip-hop track that uses that sample!” It’s an awesome way to analyze hip hop music and acknowledge the influences different artists take from each other. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table next.

If you haven’t heard him yet, check out Morgan. You’ll find him on the air Saturdays 4-6pm with Dan and hosting his own show New Skool from 12-2am on Friday mornings. Also, check out some of the rad content that’s come from his previous shows below:


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