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Rock is Dead playlist for 02/06/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
Kraftwerk Trans-Eurpoe Exptess Trans-Europe Express Capitol No
Richard Thompson Rumor and Sigh Don't Sit on My Jimmy Shands Captiol No
Bill Haley Legends of Guitar rock 50's Rock the Joint Rhino No
Carl Perkins The original Carl Perkins Turn Around Charley No
Hank Willimas Greastest Hits Jambalaya MGM No
Billy Burnette S/e In Just a heartbeat Columbia No
The Kinks State of Confusion Come Dancing Arista No
Wilbert harrison Legends of guiatar Rock 50 Kansas City No
Blondie Parallel Lines Picture This Chrysalis No
Canned heat Hallelujah Down in the gutter, But Free Liberty No
Johnny Williams cocktail Mix: Soundtrack with a Twist Come Live with me Rhino No
Marcia Ball Gatorhythms La Ti Da rounder No
The Troggs Love is All Around I Can'tControl Myself Fontana No
Someone and the Somebodies Bop on the head EP Workin' in the Coal Mines Modern methold No
Paul kelly and the Messengers Gossip Leaps and Bounds A&M No
Kitty Wells Lonely Street If Teardrops Were Pennies DeccA No
bobby russell Super Hits of the 70;s Saturday Morning Confusion Rhino No
Elvis Costello and the Attraction Out of Our Idiot From head to toe Demon No
Gayle mcCormick Super Hits of the 70's It's a Cryin' Shame Rhion No
Lily Tomlin This is a recording Mr. Veedle Polydor No
The Marvelettes Anothology Beechwood 45789 Motown No
Sparks and Jane Widlin New Waves Hits of the 80's Cool Places Rhino No
Buckwheat Zydeco Waitin' for My ya ya Ya Ya rounder No
Kate and Anna McGarrigle Dancer with Bruised Knees Walking Son Cartiage No