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Russ playlist for 08/03/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Mills Brothers 7" Single Cab Driver No
Jonathon Richman & The Modern Lovers The Modern Lovers Road Runner No
Elvis Costello My Aim Is True Waiting for the End of the World No
All Them Witches Bulls Yes
Toothless Palm's Backside Yes
Growl Won't You Overnight Yes
Govt Mule Revolution Come Revolution Go Drawn That Way Yes
Howler Indictment No
Mothers of Invention Weasels Ripped my Flesh Directly From My Heart to You No
Ry Cooder Performance Soundtrack Gone Dead Train No
Marvelous Liars Marvelous Liars Diamond Eyes Yes
Hammydown Pizza Face Migrane Yes
St. Vincent Regret No
David Bowie Lost Highway Soundtrack I'm Deranged No
Concrete Blond 12" Single The Sky is a Poisonous Garden Request No
Pere Ubu The Tenement Years Say Goodbye No
Neil Young On the Beach Revolution Blues No
Collide Vortex The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum No
The The Dusk Dogs of Lust No
Lou Reed Lost Highway Soundtrack This Magic Moment No
Gospel Youth Always Lose Tired Eyes and Heavy Hearts Yes
Alice Donut Cost No
Public Service Broadcasting Every Valley People Will Always Need Coal Yes
Teardrop Explodes Kilimanjaro When I Dream No
Dred Zepplin 5,000,000,000 Nobody's Fault But Mine No
Secret Colours Dream Dream Dream Dream Yes
Human Sexual Response In a Roman Mood Land of the Glass Pinecones No
American Lips Kiss The Void Beyond the 7-11 Yes
Quicksilver Message Service Happy Trails Happy Trails Actually it was Dale Evans No
The Dickies The Banana Splits Song No