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Sophia T. playlist for 11/16/2016

Artist Album Title Label New
Sykes Chasing Rainbows Yes
Oh Wonder All We Do No
Ocean Park Standoff Good News Yes
Indicator Indicator The Bad Dream Yes
Phil Good Sleeping In Yes
Pumarosa Priestess Yes
Kaiser Chiefs We Stay Together Yes
Tyler Daniel Bean FFFA Yes
Academic Mixtape 2003 Yes
Allen Tate Keeping You Awake Yes
Grandson Bills Yes
July Talk Touch Yes
Pooches Everything Yes
Jamie T Power over man Yes
Tigertown What You Do Yes
Fairchild Neighbourhoods Yes
Jay Som Ghost Yes
Darcy's Coming Up for Air Yes
Flaming Lips The Castle Yes
DOT S Get it Right Yes
Cloud Nothing Modern Act Yes
Tender Outside Yes
Kestrels Temples Yes
Janelle Kroll 24 hrs Yes
Banks Judas Yes
BORNS American Money Yes
St Lucia game 4 U No
Phantogram Destroyer Yes
Michael Mayer We Like to Party Yes
Saint Motel Getaway Yes
Chain Gang of 1974 Slow Yes
Woodes Rise Yes
Beach Weather Home Movies Yes
Bellows Thick Skin Yes
SIRES Color Book Yes
Set it Off Uncontainable Yes
Mike Doughty The Wild Creatures Yes
Tyler Glenn Gates Yes
Kevin Krauter Shadow Boxing Yes
Letters to Cleo Can't Say Yes
Communist Daughter The Dealer Yes