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Artist Album title Label Year
Astrol Sleepwalker Vibraphone 1972
Astronautalis Pomegranate Eyeball 1972
Astronauts of Aniquity Rocket Science for Dummies Rev Con 1972
Astronauts of Antiquity Rock Science for Dummies RevCon 1972
Astronauts of Antiquity Rocket Science for Dummies RevCon 1972
Astronomer Ailments self-released 1972
Astrophagus For Boating Not entered 1972
Astropuppies You Win the Bride Hightone Records 1972
Astrud Gilberto Verve Remixed 4 Verve 1972
Asturiana Mining Company Patrimoniu Lochshore 1972
Aswad " " Not entered 1972
Aswad s/t Not entered 1972
Aswan Troupe for Folkloric Art Music of Islam, Vol. 2: South Sinai Bedouins Celestial Harmonies 1972
AT AT Corleone 1972
At Home With You At Home With You Major 1972
At the Drive-In Relationship of Command Fearless Records 1972
At the Drive-In Vaya Fearless Records 1972
At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul earache 1972
At the gates t/t peaceville 1972
At The Gates Terminal Spirit Disease peaceville 1972
At War Retaliation Strike new_renaissance 1972
Ata Ebtekar & The Iranian Orchestra Ornamental Not entered 1972
Ata Ebtekar & The Iranian Orchestra Performing Works of Alireza Mashayekhi Isounderscore 1972
Aterciopelados Gozo Poderoso bmg 1972
aternative routes A Sucker's Dream Not entered 1972
Atery Eruption Driving Fist Through Her Chest sevared 1972
Atheist Piece of Time racercar 1972
athlete beyond the neighborhood emi records 1972
Athlete beyond the neighbuorhood emi records 1972
Athletic Mic League Sweats & Kicks Lab Technicians 1972
Atjazz Hi Fidelity Lounge Guidance 1972
Atlanta Rhythm Section Champagne Jam Polydor 1972
Atlanta Rhythm Section Dog Days Polydor 1972
Atlanta Rhythy Section A Rock and Roll Alternative Polydor 1972
Atlantiq United States Of Drum and Bass Evil Teen 1972
Atlas Soul Maktoub myspace.com/atlassoul 1972
Atlas Sound Number Ten: Good News Esopus 1972
Atmosphere god loves ugly Rhymesayers Entertainment 1972
Atmosphere Seven's Travels Rhymesayers 1972
Atmosphere When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That S*** Gold Rhymesayers 1972
Atmosphere When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold Rhymesayers 1972
Atmosphere You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having Rhymesayers 1972
atom and his package Hamburgers File 13 1972
atom and his package Har Mar Superstar Sub City 1972
Atom and His Package Shopping Spree Sub City 1972
Atom TM Son of a Glitch Rather Interesting 1972
Atombombpocketknife lack of pattern File 13 1972
Atomic Boy Love and Revolution HiPNOTIC 1972
Atreyu A Death Grip On Yesterday Victory Records 1972
atris atris Not entered 1972
Atris s/t Not entered 1972
Atrocious Abnormality Echoes of the Rotting comatose 1972
Atrocity Smalltown Boy/Relax single napalm 1972
Attacker Battle at Helms Deep metalblade 1972
Atterosa Listen P&C 1972
AtWater Donnelly See That My Grave Is Kept Clean Not entered 1972
AtWater Donnelly The Weaver's Bonny Rabbit Island Music 1972
Atwater-Donnelly The Weaver's Bonny Privately produced 1972
AU Verbs Not entered 1972
AU Versions Aggoo 1972
Au Revoir Simone Still Night, Still Light s/r 1972
Au Revoir Simone The Bird of Music Our Secret 1972
Audible Sky Signal Polyvinyl 1972
Audio Explorations Action Raction Eskimo Kiss 1972
Audio Explorations Ginnie Springs Eskimo Kiss 1972
Audion Billy Says Go Spectral Sound 1972
Audion Push Spectral Sound 1972
Audion Spectral Sound Vol. 1 Spectral Sound 1972
Audion Suckfish Spectral Sound 1972
Audioplacid Nevertheless Sunset to Sunrise 1972
audiose my angel kinetic kinship audio virus 1972
Audiotransparent V/A A Special Compilation Release weewerk 1972
Audioweb s/t Not entered 1972
Audiowerk Adam Freeland - Tectonics Ultra 1972
Audra Mae Haunt Side One Dummy 1972
Audrey Ryan Dishes & Pills s/r 1972
Audrey Saint-Coueur Celtic Mouth Music Ellipsis Arts 1972
Audubon Park Teenage Horses Tropic of Food 1972
Auger Oblivion Express RCA 1972
Augury Fragmentary Evidence nuclearblast 1972
August Born s/t Not entered 1972
August Darnell A Christmas Record Ze 1972
Augustus Pablo East Of The River Nile Shanachie 1972
Auntie Chris Life Could be a Dream Look Out 1972
Aurasfere The Greenhouse Effect EXperimental 1972
Austin Lounge Lizards Employee of the Month Sugar Hill Records 1972
Austin Roberts Super Hits of the '70's Volume 9 Rhino 1972
Austrian Death Machine Double Brutal metalblade 1972
Austronauts War of the Saucermen Pin Up 1972
Autechre Autechre Warp 1972
Autechre Chiastic Slide Warp 1972
Autechre Incunabula Warp 1972
Autechre Peel Session Warp 1972
Autechre Quaristice Warp 1972
Autechre Tri Repeatae Warp 1972
Autechre Tri Repetae ++ Warp 1972
Autechre tri repetae +++ Warp 1972
Autechre Warp 10+3 Remixes Warp 1972
Autechure confield Not entered 1972
Autistic Daughter Jealousy & Diamond Kranky 1972
Auto Da Fe The Spectre Secret Eye 1972
Autocreation Excursions In Ambience - The Second Orbit (Sampler) Astralwerks 1972
Autodrone Strike a Match Clairecords 1972
Autokratz Kitsune Vol. 7 Kitsune 1972
Autokratz unreleased unreleased 1972
Automatic 7 At Funeral Speed Mental 1972
Automator Bombay the Hard Way Motel Records 1972
Autopsy Acts of the Unspeakable peaceville 1972
Autopsy Dead As Fuck necroharmonic 1972
Autorickshaw So the Journey G o e s autorickshaw.ca 1972
Autumn Velvet Sky (Folk) Bullcreek 1972
Aux 88 Aux 88 Submerge 1972
Aux 88 Is It Man Or Machine Direct Beat 1972
Auļi Auļos.. Lauska 1972
Avantasia the Scarecrow nuclearblast 1972
Avatars of Dub Abductions & Reconstructions Eighteenth Street Lounge 1972
Avatars of Dub Departures V/A Eighteenth Street Lounge 1972
Avdo Lemeš feat. Theodosii Spassov "Mercan Dede, Jadranka Stojaković & more: Sevdalinka" piranha 1972
Avenger of Blood Death Brigade heavy_artillery 1972
Avenue Q Original Broadway Cast- Avenue Q Columbia 1972
average white band AWB Not entered 1972
Averse Sefira Various Artist: Candlelight Winter Sampler candlelight 1972
Avery Terodross My Generation Impulse! 1972
Avett Brothers Emotionalism Ramseur 1972
Avett Brothers Four Thieves Gone Ramseur Records 1972
Avett Brothers I and Love and You Not entered 1972
Avett Brothers The Second Gleam Ramseur Recordsa 1972
aveytare/panda bear/geologist danse manatee catsup plate records 1972
Avi and Celia Let it Rise Not entered 1972
Avi Lebo Double Trombone Quintet Shades of Brass Not entered 1972
Avsky Mass Destruction humanitys_plague 1972
Avsky Scorn moribund 1972
Awesome Color Electric Aborigines Ecstatic Peace! 1972
Axel Boman Brew Ourvision 1972
Axel Wolph The Weekend Starts on Wednesday United Indies 1972
Ayllu Sulca Lyricord World Music Sampler Lyrichord Lyrcd 1972
Ayo Joyful Polydor 1972
AZ 9 Lives Motown 1972
AZ A.W.O.L. Fast Life 1972
AZ Aziatic Motown 1972
AZ N/A Fast Life 1972
AZ N4L Iceman Recordings 1972
AZ The Format Fast Life/Koch 1972
AZ Undeniable Fast Life 1972
Azaghal Omega moribund 1972
Azalia Snail Avec Amour s/r 1972
Azambuja & CIA Black Rio 2: Original Samba Soul Strut Records 1972
Azari & III Manhooker Automatt 1972
Azeda Booth In Flesh Tones Absolutely Kosher Records 1972
Azimuth Brasilectro Not entered 1972
Azoia Glasgow Underground Glasgow Underground 1972
Aztec Camera High Land, Hard Rain Sire 1972
Aztec Camera Stray Sire 1972
Azure Ray Burn and Shiver Saddle Creek Records 1972
Azure Ray Hold On Love Saddle Creek Records 1972
Azure Ray New Resolution EP Saddle Creek Records 1972
Azure Ray November Saddle Creek Records 1972
Azure Ray Shortbus Not entered 1972
Azusa Plane Azusa Plane/Loren Mazzacane Connors Burnt Hair 1972
Azymuth Brazilectro Not entered 1972
Òlöf Arnalds Við Og Við s/r 1972
Özgür Şakar a.k.a. Misda Oz vs. Mercan Dede "Doublemoon Remixed" www.Doublemoon.com.tr 1972
B 52's Private Idaho Warner Bros 1972
B Dolan House of Bees Vol. 1 Strange Famous Records 1972
B Fleischmann The Humbucking Coil Morr 1972
B-52's Whammy! Warner Bros 1972
B-52s Party Mix Warner Bros 1972
B-Real Smoke N Mirrors Duckdown 1972
B-Side Cairo Nights Celluloid 1972
B. Dolan House of Bees Vol. 1 Strange Famous Records 1972
B. Dolan live evel Strange Famous Records 1972
B. Dolan Live Evil Not entered 1972
b. fleischmann A Choir of Empty Beds Funky Box 1972
b. fleischmann The Humbucking Coil Morr Music 1972
B. Fleischmann The Thumbsucking Coil Morr Music 1972
b. fleischmann Welcome Tourist Morr Music 1972
B. Gmelin(cello)/J.Lamke(piano) Schulhoff: Chamber music for violin, cello, & piano Koch Schwann 1972
B. W. Stevenson Super Hits of the 70's: Volume 11 Not entered 1972
B. Wordsworth/Capella Istropolitana Mozart: Symphonies #34, 35, & 39 Naxos 1972
B.B. King Greatest Hits B.B. King 1972
B.B. King L.A. Midnight ABC 1972
B.B. King Live at the Apollo GRP Records 1972
B.B. King The Incredible Soul of B.B. Komg Kent 1972
B12 (Electro-Soma) Warp 1972
Baaba Maal Abductions & Reconstructions Eighteenth Street Lounge 1972
Baaba Maal Firin' in Fouta Mango records 1972
Baaba Maal Ndelorel Mango records 1972
Baaba Maal Nomad Soul Island-Palm Pictures 1972
Baaba Maal Television Palm Pictures 1972
Baba Da's Fusion Orchestra Baba Da's Great Tradition Improvisation Fusion Facing East 1972
Baba Sehgal Abb Main Vengaboy Virgin India 1972
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga Flame Tree 1972
Babe the Blue Ox People BMG 1972
Babes in Arms City Center's Encore Cast-Babes in Arms Columbia 1972
Babes in Arms Original Cast Recording - Babes in Arms Columbia 1972
Baby Original Broadway Cast- Baby Sony 1972
Baby Amphetamine Chernobyl Baby Creation 1972
Baby Dee Safe Inside the Day Drag City 1972
Baby Flamehead Life Sandwich Texas Hotel 1972
Baby Ford Fort Trax Rhythm King 1972
Baby Guts The Kissing Disease Guilt Ridden Pop 1972
Baby Neal & The Smart Brothers Eccentric Soul: Smart's Palace Numero 1972
Baby Rasta Band "Costa Rica Reggae Night" Papaya Music 1972
Babyface Babyface Not entered 1972
Bacalao 8-Bit Operators Astralwerks 1972
Bachelorette My Electric Family Creative 1972
Bachman Turner Overdrive 2 Mercury 1972
Bachman Turner Overdrive Bachman Turner Overdrive Not entered 1972
Bachman Turner Overdrive II Mercury 1972
Bachman Turner Overdrive Not Fragile Mercury 1972
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Four Wheel Drive Mercury 1972
Bachman-Turner Overdrive II Mercury 1972
Bachman-Turner Overdrive s/t Not entered 1972
Back Door Slam Roll Away Blix Street 1972
back moth super rainbow eating us graveface 1972
Backwords The Buffalo Still Roam Not entered 1972
BAD Looking For A Song Columbia 1972
Bad Brains Bad Brains Reachout 1972
bad brains banned in d.c. Roir 1972
Bad Brains faster and louder vol. 1 Rhino 1972
Bad Brains w/Henry Rollins Pump Up the Volume MCA 1972
Bad Company Best of Atlantic 1972
Bad Company Desolution Angels Swan Song 1972
Bad Lieutenant Never Cry Another Tear Original Signal 1972
Bad Livers Delusions of Banjer Quarterstick 1972
Bad Livers Industry and Thrift Sugar Hill 1972
Bad Manners Forging Aheade Portrait 1972
Bad Manners Heavy Petting Not entered 1972
Bad Manners Klass MCA 1972
Bad Manners Return of the Ugly Not entered 1972
Bad Manners s/t MCA 1972
Bad Medicine Funk Spectrum 3 Not entered 1972
Bad Meets Evil 12" Single Game 1972
Bad Religion Against the Grain Epitaph 1972
Bad Religion Atomic Garden Sympathy 1972
Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse? Suite Beat 1972
Bad Religion No Control Epitaph 1972
Bad Religion punk o rama volume 3 Epitaph 1972
Bad Religion Punk-O-Rama Epitaph 1972
Bad Religion Recipe for Hate Epitaph 1972
Bad Religion Stranger Than Fiction Atlantic 1972
Bad Religion Suffer Epitaph 1972
Bad Veins S/T Dangerbird Records 1972
Badfinger History of British Rock Sire 1972
Badfinger Magic Christina Music Apple 1972
Badfinger No Dice Apple 1972
Badfinger S/E Warner Bros 1972
Badly Drawn Boy About a Boy Not entered 1972
Badly Drawn Boy Hour of the Bewilderbeast XL Recordings 1972
Badly Drawn Boy The Hour of Bewilderbeast XL 1972

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