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Artist Album title Label Year
Zawose & Brook Assembly Not entered 1972
Zeb Jesterized Irma Records 1972
Zeca Baleiro Vô Imbolá Mza Records 1972
Zee Avi EP Brushfire Records 1972
Zee Avi S/E Brushfire Records 1972
Zee Avi s/t Brushfire Records 1972
Zeitlet X-emble Now Hear This! Independent Music Awards Winners 2009 Not entered 1972
Zel True Zel Productions 1972
Zelazowa Elephants on Mousehunt Not entered 1972
Zelazowa Elephants on a Mousehunt Not entered 1972
Zen Cowboys Hardhop and Trypno Moonshine 1972
Zen Zadravec Coming of Age BMI 1972
Zend Avesta V/A Bedroom Communities 01. Pillow Talk Kriztal Entertainment 1972
Zeni Geva 7" split single Gasoline Boost 1972
Zero 7 Simple Things Mushroom 1972
Zero B Counterforce FFRR 1972
zero boys louder and faster vol 2 Rhino 1972
Zero Boys Vicious Circle Toxic Shock 1972
zero byos vicious circle toxic shock 1972
Zeus Say Us A&C 1972
Zevious After the Air Raid Cuneiform Records 1972
Zevon The Envoy Not entered 1972
Zezo Ribeiro & Vanessa Borhagian Sandália de Oxalá Nubenegra-www.nubenegra.com 1972
Zhou Wang "China-Time to Listen" CD3 Spirit & Wisdom Ellipsis Arts... 1972
Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers Life and Debt Tuff Gong 1972
Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers Power To Move Ya Elektra 1972
Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers The Best of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers (Reggae) EMI 1972
Zimmers Hole When You Were Shouting at the Devil... We Were in League With Satan centurymedia 1972
Zinc Killa Sound Bingo Bass 1972
Zion I 12" Single Gold Dust Media 1972
Zion I Mind Over Matter Ground Control 1972
Zion I The Takeover Gold Dust Media 1972
Zircon Nephillim/Zircon Split oakknoll 1972
Ziveli Orkestar "Balkan Fever" Wagram 1972
Zlatne Uste Brass Band Golden Lips World Village 1972
zodiak Like Black Holes in the Sky Dwell 1972
Zoe Reptilectric Noiselab Records 1972
Zoe Mulford Bonfires (Folk) Azalea City 1972
Zoetrope Metal Massacre IV metalblade 1972
Zombie Nation Black Toys UKW 1972
Zombie Nation Booster UKW 1972
Zonaria the Cancer Empire centurymedia 1972
Zones DIY: Starry Eyes: UK Pop II Rhino 1972
Zoos of Berlin Taxis Sunday Service 1972
Zoot Sims Zoot Sims and the Gershwin Brothers Pablo 1972
Zorba Original Broadway Cast - Zorba Capital 1972
Zox Line in the Sand Side One Dummy 1972
Zs Arms planaria 1972
zs' arms planaria 1972
Zucchero Overdose d'Amore (the ballads) Ark21 1972
Zuco 103 After the Carnival Six Degrees 1972
Zuco 103 Outro Lado Not entered 1972
Zuco 103 The Now Sound of Brazil Not entered 1972
Zumpano goin' through the changes Sub Pop 1972
Zur Wachauerin & Die Strottern Live-Glatt und Verkehrt www.diestrottern.at 1972
Zur Wachauerin & Die Strottern Live: Glatt und Verkehrt www.diestrottern.at 1972
Zurgó "World Folk Music - Hungry for Hungary? - 2007" Music Export Hungary-www.mxh.hu 1972
ZVA 12-28 Band ZVA 12-28 Indies Scope Records- www.indiesrec.cz 1972
Zweigstelle Audiolarium Baumstudio 1972
Zykos Keep It Light Cult Hero 1972
ZZ Top Deguello Warner Brothers 1972
ZZ Top Rio Grande Mud London Records 1972
ZZ Top St WB 1972
Zzino vs. Accelerator Waterproof Re-load 1972
Şūfī Musicians The Music of Islam, vol. 5 Celestial Harmonies 1972
Şūfī Musicians The Music of Islam, vol. 5: Άīssāoua Şūfī Ceremony from Marrakesh, Morocco (CD2) Celestial Harmonies 1972
Šaban Bajramović Herdelezi Croatia Records 1972
Žabe I Babe Drumovi Bison Publishing 1972
Žegar Živi Žegar Živi Cloud Valley 1972
`Ladytron Light and magic Empeor Norton Records 1972
{{{Sunset}}} Bright Blue Dream The Moon Is Actually A Big TV 1972
{{{Sunset}}} The Glowing City Autobus 1972

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