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Charlie Playlists

Charlie playlist for 03/06/2012

Your favorite weekday morning show! Well mine at least. 

Charlie playlist for 02/28/2012

It's a show about a show!  Nah, it's just Charlie, bringing you cool music on Tuesdays.

Charlie playlist for 02/21/2012

General Programming every Tuesday Morning!

Charlie playlist for 02/18/2012

Fill spot for Saturdays, 1-3 PM.

Charlie playlist for 02/14/2012

Tuesdays, 6-9, get your wake up on!

Charlie playlist for 02/07/2012

A morning show that only happens on Tuesdays. Wow! General programming at its finest.

Charlie playlist for 12/14/2011

Get Your Hump Day Pump Up with Charlie! Last Show of the year!

Charlie playlist for 12/07/2011

Get over your Wednesday hump with Charlie!

Charlie playlist for 11/30/2011

Here he is again! You can't escape him. Charlie's playing some soothing, thought provoking music for your afternoon!

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