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Tuxedo Junction Playlists

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 02/03/2015

Postponed by a week by a blizzard, celebrating the 130th anniversary of the birth of the great American composer of musicals and pop tunes, Jerome Kern.

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 12/16/2014

 Xmas part 1; instrumental

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 10/14/2014

Tonight's Tux-Junk show featured one of the most celebrated performers of the 20th Century, Mr. Elvis Aaron Presley. Commercially successful in many different musical genres, Presley was a forerunner of breaking the race barrier in modern American music. Complicated, deeply religious and troubled by his fame and success, Presley succumbed to his prescription substance abuse and health complications at the age of 42. The mark of a true legend is the impression that he leaves upon his fans and to this date, Elvis remains the highest selling record performer of all time. It was a pleasure to blow the dust off the station's respectable Presley vinyl collection that is stored in the basement. Thanks, JP, for the opportunity to "play it." Suellen

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 08/19/2014

 Funk & soul, late 60's/ early seventies. That is all.

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 08/12/2014

It's Summertime when families typically throw a Family Reunion. Tonight, Tuxedo Junction hosts the family reunion of the Cash-Carter Family featuring the music and mystique that is Johnny Cash. A troubled, brilliant, humble and self-destructive man whose complexity extended to his music, Johnny Cash was THE greatest American icon of the 20th Century. At his death, in 2003, he had written thousand's of songs, dozens of albums and had fostered and collaborated on countless more with other musicians. Thanks to John for letting me take this one,

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 07/22/2014

Tonight, Tuxedo Junction features one of the greatest recording companies of the 20th Century, Motown Records, and it's genuis and creator, Berry Gordy.  The world would not be the same today without the unifying and healing music dubbed  'the Motown Sound," and so tonight, Tuxedo Junction celebrates truly some of the greatest music of the 20th Century.Suellen

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 06/24/2014

Due to worlds colliding, no jazz programs happened this week on the Freewaves so Tuxedo Junction filled in the gap by playing two hours of some of the greatest jazz vocalists of all time.  All vinyl from the basement, of course! Suellen

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 06/17/2014

Many folks believe that the 1960's began on this day in history, when novelist, Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters took off in a psychedellic bus named, "Furthur," to turn on the population and shake up The Establishment.  Tuxedo Junction musically marked this day in history fifty years later. For progress and updates on the bus restoration, go to www.kickstarter.com  Suellen  

Tuxedo Junction playlist for 05/20/2014

Tonight's show was called "Blues From the Basement," and featured our wonderful vinyl collection of blues music.  Thanks, John, for the opportunity. Suellen

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