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Justin R (The J-Bird) Playlists

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/23/2017

 Jam packed first show after break featuring songs by the recently deceased Chuck Berry and others in foreign languages! Lots of great feedback for this special show, including some first time listeners! I don't normally do shows devoid of any new stuff but Chuck Berry is more than deserving of such a tribute. and it was nice to hear from listeners who had seen and even met the man. I'll be back to normal programming next week with some new music.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/10/2017

 Filling in from 1-4pm today featuring my dad! Great show before going off on break for a week. Flowed from soul to glam, then psychedelic prog rock, and then going into rock and some acoustic stuff.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/09/2017

 Filling in for the 5-6 slot of Exploring Jazz. Played some older live recordings and some other stuff that isn't exactly jazz but defientely has its influences in the genre.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/09/2017

 Today's show was celebrating a bunch of female artists in recognition of Internation Women's Day! Some really phenomenal musicians here - check them all out.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/03/2017

 Awesome time filling for Cat Party tonight! 2 hours chock full of metal, hard rock, punk, and psychedelia! Lots of listeners really dug the show - I'll be happy to fill anytime in the future!

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/02/2017

 February birthday show featuring a ticket giveaway to Harsh Armadillo's show and also featuring the first play from the Brian Jonestown Massacre's new album Don't Get Lost. Birthdays: J Geils, Dave Davies, Brian Jones, Nicky Hopkins, Peter Hook, Peter Gabriel, Graham Nash, George Harrison, Miek Campbell, John Fahey, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, and Steve Hackett.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 02/23/2017

 Show focusing on collaborations and duets between some great artists. A coda of sorts to the valentine's show.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 02/16/2017

 Post-Valentine's day show! Just about every song here has the word "love" in it.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 02/13/2017

 Filling in from 6-8 Monday night to keep us running. Experimented with some new tracks and stuff tracks that were all instrumental.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 02/12/2017

 Saturday night show filling in the block of usual dead air from 7-9. Focused on some lesser heard songs of the 60's mixed with new jazz. Check out that request for live Maggot Brain (where are all the P-Funk LPs hiding in the station??)