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Justin R (The J-Bird) Playlists

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 04/22/2017

 First of many fills for vinyl week! This was for College Countdown from 1-3pm on Record Store Day itself. Very rock-focused show.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 04/20/2017

 Today's show was 100% psychedelic! Amazing rockers from Sweden and beyond that are never played anywhere else - check all these guys out!

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 04/13/2017

 Filling in for Thomas tonight with some songs about the afterlife in the spirit of Easter! Tons of requests tonight - I'm so glad that there were so many people listening at this late hour!

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 04/13/2017

 Show featuring some forgotten songs of the 90's. Lots of requests today, including one for Al Green's birthday and another for the death of J Geils.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 04/06/2017

 Nice rainy day show with some alternate versions of some well known songs. Thanks for those who called in for tickets for the 3S show! 

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 04/05/2017

 Filling in for Regina tonight with some spring themed music!

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 04/01/2017

 Filling in for Dave Scott from 4-7 with some lesser played songs from the 70's. Lots of geat feedbacks and requests today! Great to be in here on a snow April 1st. 

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/30/2017

 Filling in for Thomas from 10-midnight with some alternative songs of the 80's. Psych rock, blues, funk, early rap, jazz, electronic, ambient, experimental stuff... a lot of genres covered tonight!

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/30/2017

 Show full of songs that draw inspiration from others - whether they be early working versions, rewritten and rearranged tracks, or songs that would the basis (or result of) some homages, subtle or not.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 03/23/2017

 Jam packed first show after break featuring songs by the recently deceased Chuck Berry and others in foreign languages! Lots of great feedback for this special show, including some first time listeners! I don't normally do shows devoid of any new stuff but Chuck Berry is more than deserving of such a tribute. and it was nice to hear from listeners who had seen and even met the man. I'll be back to normal programming next week with some new music.