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Justin R (The J-Bird) Playlists

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 12/14/2017

 Final show of 2017 featuring my father! This was a blast - I'll see you all in 2018!

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 12/07/2017

 Profiling some VERY early tracks and demos by some pretty well known artists as well as filling in for an hour of Exploring Jazz. Everything after the Stones is for Exploring Jazz.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 11/30/2017

 First half hour was an interview with my cousin about the MUB winter farmer's market. Theme for the music was songs about traveling and the road.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 11/21/2017

 Filling in for Celine. Reggae, jazz, soul, folk. Nice low key show.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 11/16/2017

 Marathon week show featuring some rare stuff from a variety of compilations. Also did a gift certificate give away for Skeletone Records in Rochester.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 11/10/2017

 Late night 4 hour epic vinyl week extraveganza! Hard rock and metal to start, then got a bit art-rock-y, slowed down with some blue eyed soul, did a few more random tracks (after midnight) and then went all out prog for the last two hours. This was such a blast. How do 4 hours go by so fast? "Everyday should be vinyl week" as the Dandy Warhols totally said. 

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 11/09/2017

 Vinyl week! We started with some prog, then mellowed out and got rocking in the last half! I also did a retropective on Neil Young's "Ditch Trilogy" about half an hour in. Lots of fun to be had.

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 10/26/2017

 Halloween themed show kind of. Played my interview with DFA to start off the second hour!

Justin R (The J-Bird) playlist for 10/19/2017

 Focusing on punk music from 1977 today. Some other requests were punk related. Tried to honor everything but there were a lot of calls and texts! Everything after Patti Smith was filling in for Exploring Jazz.