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    Welcome to WUNH, aka "The Freewaves." You can listen online by hitting the "play" button. We hope you enjoy our daily programming. If you can't get enough, recent shows are also available for streaming or podcasting in our archive!

Wild Ride Playlists

Wild Ride playlist for 04/22/2012

 zz wardlikewoodgraham knox fraziermati zundel 

Wild Ride playlist for 04/01/2012

WUNH has been taken over by commercial classic rock that you hear everywhere.  We couldn't beat them so we joined them, I enjoyed this new format with a gun to my head and a toddlers binky from the trash. April Fools!

Wild Ride playlist for 03/18/2012

 Two people said they would come but none did.  Maybe it was cuz of the weather.

Wild Ride playlist for 03/11/2012

  This keyboard is soo small i lost my playlist and this is some of it

Wild Ride playlist for 02/19/2012

 D-DAY filling in for Chris tonight!

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