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Tomato Jams Playlists

Tomato Jams playlist for 09/18/2017

 Tunes, tunes, tunes! Playing a decent amount of music from the UK in this show, and a couple long fun instrumentals. 

Tomato Jams playlist for 09/11/2017

 Jams jams jams! Tomato, Dopapod, String Cheese, Grateful Dead...And a discussion with activist and student Abby ColbyPLUS, of course, lots of those newnew releases

Tomato Jams playlist for 09/04/2017

 Good morning all!It's labor day, so y'all don't have to work... why not get your groove on? I'm starting out today with some funky tunes, easing into indie/swing/soul electronic fusion, then back into the real world with some soul. Then I'll spin all brand new releases for the last hour, and read you some fun facts about tomatoes. Enjoy~~ lil tomato ~~

Tomato Jams playlist for 08/28/2017

 Hi all!Today started off with some modern bluegrass, folk, and indie folk, featuring a local band that a friend of mine is in, Flame 'n Peach and the Liberated Waffles. After the first half hour I played a relevant podcast produced by a friend of mine as well called Mill River Crossing. Afterwards I played some more modern hip-hop, 90s-present, and then explored the latest releases for the last hour. I hope you enjoyed it!~~Lil tomato 

Tomato Jams playlist for 12/13/2016

 For all the ladies that supported, inspired, taught, and encouraged me this year <3 Last show, time for some sap in the theme

Tomato Jams playlist for 11/29/2016

 This is what you get when I roll out of bed for my show at 9am, after accidentally turning my alarm off. Thank the sports guys for covering me the first 10 minutes :) although rolling into a show might be my true calling. I really liked OhBoy's mini album that I played, as well as Martha Wainwright.

Tomato Jams playlist for 11/15/2016

 Wooohoooo Lettuce came out with a new album! Mostly playing that, then some of my favorites from Vulfpeck's recent equally funky album, then some inspiring Rising Appalachia since everyone needs some wholesome inspirational music in these trying times to stay grounded <3

Tomato Jams playlist for 11/01/2016

 Some sheet to hype up your morning