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Suellen playlist for 08/25/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
John Mayhall and Bluesbreakers Lot's of People Room to Move No
B.B. King There Must be a Better World Somewhere Life Ain't Nothing But a Party No
John Lee Hooker If You Miss 'im, I got 'im Bang Bang Bang Bang No
Etta James Rocks the House Money No
Memphis Slim the Real Folk Blues Mother Earth No
George Benxon Breezin' Breezin' No
The Jost Project Can't Find My Way Home Kashmir Yes
John Coltrane Ballads Nancy (with the laughing Face) No
Louis Armstrong Sweetheart Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home No
Thelonious Monk The Composer Well You Needn't No
burning Spear Mistress Music Woman, I Love You No
Ziggy Marley Wild and Free Wild and Free Yes
Bushman Signs Lighthouse No
Black Uhuru Anthem Solidarity No
Shabba Ranks Rough and Ready Roots and Culture No
Jimmy Cliff the KCRWSession Guns of Briston Yes
Vivaldi The Four Seasons Allegro from the Spring No
Debussy Claire de Lune No
Bizet Habanara from Carmen No
Pachelbel Cannon in D No
Back Bay Guitar Trio The Journey First Arabesque Yes
Juluka /the Best of Juluka Ibhola Lethu No
King Coya Cumbiatron Yes
Vo-Duo Nou La Bonjou Yes
Carol Coronis Girl From Thessaly Toulia's Turkish Cab Ride Yes
tom O'Dell Songs From another Love Can't Pretend Yes
Roling Stones the Rolling Stones Now Mona ( I need You Baby) No
Marianne Faithful A Child's Adventure Times Square No
Elvis Costello Out of Our Idiot The People's Limosine No
Dire Straits Communique Angel of Mercy No
Cats Cats Soundtrack Mr. Mistopheles No
Curtis Mayfield Theme From "Shaft" Superfly No
Ed Gerhard Night Birds Duet No
Emmy Lou Harris Profile Two More Bottles of Wine No
Commander Cody Live From Deep In The Heart of Texas Diggy Diggy Lo No
Woody Guthrie Woody Guthrie at 100 This Train is Bound For Glory Yes

It is the Final Addition of the Sunday Sandwich where this week, the topic is, The Freewaves and all the wonderful programming we have on the station. What a tasty summer it has been. Thank you, all of you for listening and calling and keeping the Freewaves on your radio all summer long. From all of the Alumni, we thank you from the bottom of our rock n' roll hearts!