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Taylor M playlist for 09/20/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Banks Goddess Drowning No
Anna of the North Lovers All I Want Yes
Marlon Williams Marlon Williams Dark Child Yes
Grizfolk Waking Up The Giants Cosmic Angel No
Mayer Hawethorne Where Does This Door Go Where Does This Door Go No
Magic Giants In the Wind Let It Burn Yes
Tuxedo Do it Do It No
Gang of Youths Go farther in the Lightness Go Farther in Lightness Yes
Amber Dust May These Images Die With Dignity Run & Hide No
Tender Modern Addiction Sickness No
Jaws of Love Microwaves Yes
Oh Wonder Ultra Life My Friends No
Andreas Moe Something Right Something Right Yes
Grizfolk Waking Up The Giants Vagabonds No
Vinyl Theatre Oragami New Machines Yes
Aquilo Silhouettes Human Yes
Beachtapes Hold Musics Bored Yes
Gang of Youths Go Farther in Lightness Let Me Down Easy Yes
Vallis Alps Fable Fading Yes
Mary Epworth Elytral Burned It Down Yes
Mike Gordon OGOGO Whirlwind Yes
Mink Ark of Life Yes
Nothing but Thieves Broken Machine Afterlife No
Mayer Hawthorne Where Does This Door Go Back Seat Lover No
Japanse House Pools to bathe in Pools To Bathe In No
Repeat Repeat Floral Canyon Echo No
Bear Hands Distraction Giants No